9 Expert Makeup Picks For Highlighting Brown Eyes

I have brown eyes, and though they are the most common eye color on the planet, I’d like to think they make me seem sultry, moody, and mysterious — three things I am not. To aide in that illusion, I sought out the best makeup products for brown eyes, according to an expert. I spoke to Jill Freeman, makeup artist at Shen Beauty, a full service spa and shop in Brooklyn, to get the full rundown on how to my make my brown eyes look like deep, shimmering pools that could hypnotize even the most strong willed person.

Because Freeman is a fellow brown-eyed woman, she totally understands the plight to make brown eyes pop. “There’s a flattering way to wear just about every color,” she said. “But there are just some colors and tones that enhance brown eyes more that others.” Whether you prefer to use a single eyeshadow, a palette with every neutral you can think of, or a quick and easy pencil to create smokey eye, there’s something out there for your brown eyes. As for the tones, Freeman said there are three options that really make brown eyes stand out: metallics, neutrals, and — the wildcard — greens. Brown-eyed sisters, read on to find more of her expert tips on making brown eyes stand out.

1. Make Brown Eyes Look More Rich With Matte Chocolate Shades

LORAC Pro Matte Eye Shadow Palette, $28, Amazon

If you think using brown tones on brown eyes are boring, Freeman said they're anything but, pointing out, "Chocolate colors and richer neutrals are great for brown eyes." The colors in this matte palette are great for contouring the eyes, she said.

2. For A Glam Look, Go With A Metallic Accent To Make Brown Eyes Pop

stila Baked Eye Shadow Trio, $28, Amazon

But, if you want a pop, add a metallic shade to your mostly matte eyeshadow, says Freeman. "Brown eyes and metallics are friends," she said. This trip of a pearlescent champagne, bronze, and true gold give you the option of adding a little bit of metallic or using all three shades.

3. If You Love Both Matte And Metallic Shades, This Palette Is Perfect

theBalm NUDE 'tude Eyeshadow Palette, $33, Amazon

Freeman's trick for making brown eyes really pop with neutrals is to mix both mattes and metallics in one look. "Contour with matte shades and pick one sparkly thing — a twinkling gold — for evening," she said. This highly rated palette has 12 matte and metallic shades ranging from light highlighters to a true matte black.

4. Update Your Classic Black Eyeliner With A Little Bit Of Glitter To Make Brown Eyes More Intense

Smooth Shadow Glide On Eye Pencil Shadow Liner by Elizabeth Mott (Raven), $18, Amazon

Freeman said every woman should have a great black eyeliner in her collection, but when it comes to playing up brown eyes, one with flecks of glitter or shimmer really make an impact. "It makes your eyes really icy and stand out, if you rim with black," she said. Reviewer Courtney O'Brien said this liner "has got a little bit of shimmer, but it's not gaudy. It's fairly natural looking and brightens up my eyes."

5. Highlight Brown Eyes With This Rose Gold Multipurpose Cream That'll Make You Glow All Over

RMS Beauty - Master Mixer, $38, Amazon

At Shen Beauty, RMS is a popular brand for their creamy and super formulas that look natural on skin, said Freeman. To add a pretty rose gold finish to any of your beauty products (and to really complement brown eyes), use this magical transforming cream base. Reviewer StepfordGuide said she adds it "to lipstick, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, foundation, and just about anything else. It just kinda kicks any makeup item I mix it with into high gear."

6. For An Easy Way To Make Brown Eyes Stand Out, Use A Copper Shade For A Solid Wash

Total Intensity True Metals Eyeshadow, Copper, $10, Amazon

If mixing eyeshadows and palettes sounds like a bit too much effort, Freeman says brown-eyed minimalists will love an eyeshadow like this one for "a good wash of coppery gold," to enhance brown eyes minus the multistep process.

7. Go For A Forrest Green Shadow Stick To Create An Quick Smoky Eye For Brown Eyes

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner 629 Sparkle Green, $8, Amazon

"Brown eyes look really good in greens," Freeman said. "It's kind of the other neutral." For a quick and easy way to work green into your brown-eyed beauty routine, this pencil is a beauty staple. Use it to rim your eyes, or smudge it all over and blend with a fluffy brush for a 10-second green smoky eye.

8. Or, Use This Eyeshadow Duo To Create The Perfect Green & Gold Combo For Brown Eyes

butter LONDON Perfect Pops Shadow Clutch Wardrobe Duo, $15, Amazon

If you want to bring together both of Freeman's brown eye tips — using a metallic pop and a moody forrest green —this eyeshadow duo makes it possible. Freeman said that whenever she uses the green eyeshadow trick "people always tell me 'God, your eyes are so pretty!'"

9. Highlight The Inner Corner Of Brown Eyes With Rose Gold For An Extra Twinkle

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour Rose Gold, $29, Amazon

Using shimmery highlighters is another way to highlight brown eyes, according to Freeman. "It really takes the tired away," she said. Use this handy pencil on the inner corners of your eyes and on your brow bone, and blend for a subtle glow that complements brown eyes.

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