Josh & Amanda's 'BiP' Story Ends Expectedly

It's a huge bummer that Bachelor in Paradise is coming to a close after an awesome season, but is there anything better than a good televised proposal? Fortunately, the Season 3 finale has brought fans plenty of them, even though some were pretty predictable — especially when it comes to Josh and Amanda, who have been attached at the hip (and mouth) practically since the moment they met. But just as you probably expected, Josh and Amanda got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise , and it seems they're ready to commit to each other 100 percent.

As per BIP tradition, they met on the beach to talk about how they really feel about each other. For Amanda, that meant a super sweet speech about how much she cares about him and how convinced she is that her daughters will absolutely love him. And, for Josh? That involved a really shiny ring and a lot of happy tears after a love confession of his own, and he even managed to mention Amanda's kids, too. Just as I (and everyone who watches this show, honestly) expected, these two are officially engaged, but of course they are — they've been living together and not trying to hide it, either.

I haven't always been the biggest fan of these two, but hopefully Josh proves me wrong. So far, they've seemed really happy together, so hopefully it lasts. Here's hoping things work out beyond Paradise! Amanda's such a sweetheart and she deserves her happy ending — and so do her adorable girls.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC