The One Rihanna Fenty x Puma Piece You Need To Get

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The Rihanna Fenty x Puma apparel collection has arrived and it's as expected — a killer execution of urban athleisure and street cool. The pieces are black and white and will take you from the gym to the street seamlessly. The collection has contemporary pricing, with clothing starting at around $100 and going up to approximately $400. Example: The Lacing Cami Bra is $100, while the Kimono Tricot Track Pants are $225. The Lacing Tights, which are leggings with side ties, are $120. The verdict? Well, Fenty Puma by Rihanna isn't cheap but it's unquestionably stylish. If you are on a budget and can only invest in one of the pieces, I have the recommendation for you.

Are you all about Rihanna's blockbuster, best-selling Puma Creepers and appreciate her understanding of uber cool footwear? Are you also in love with the '90s fashion resurgence and thus have been indulging nostalgia for that era by wearing chokers, flannel, Docs, and brown matte lipstick?

Well, there is something in Rihanna Fenty x Puma that satisfies all those fashion urges. The Sneaker Boot Wedges are by far the coolest and most universal thing in the collection. They will go with anything already living in your closet and you can dress 'em up or down.

Sneaker Boot Wedge, $350,

OMG, that silhouette. You get lift and sexiness via the platform sole and the shiny texture. But there's also the element of tomboy toughness, thanks to the laces and the chain. Wear them with a black slip dress, which is another "It came from the '90s" look! Or pair them with skinnies and an oversized flannel.

To me, it doesn't get anymore badass and anymore "RiRi" than these boots, which you can wear deep into winter. It's also super '90s to pair chunky, masculine boots with flirty dresses. That means you could wear these babies deep into next summer, as well.

The $350 price tag is certainly a splurge for many of you. But let me offer some perspective. If you wear them several times per week, that will eventually shake out to just pennies per wear.

The Sneaker Boot Wedges are rugged, gritty, and insanely adorbs. They aren't of the same aesthetic as the Creeper. But this shoe further demonstrates that Rihanna has an innate, intuitive understanding of footwear. That's definitely her niche.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's RiRi rocking the shoes if you need some styling inspo and are considering the purchase.

If you can throw down loot on one item from the Rihanna x Fenty Puma collection, it's this pair of shoes. They will work season after season after season.

I'm reaching for my credit card and GTG...

Images: Courtesy of Puma (5)