Aly Raisman Hopes To Compete In The 2020 Olympics

by Michelle McGahan

Final Five fans, rejoice: You haven't seen the last of two-time Olympic team captain Aly Raisman. In fact, Raisman is aiming to compete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, she revealed on an episode of Ellen on Wednesday. If there is one sentence in the English language that requires those "hands raised in joy" emojis, it is that one. RAISMAN 2020.

At 22, Raisman — who won three medals in Rio despite referring to herself as a "grandma" — was the oldest gymnast on her team, and gymnastics is a sport where athletes often retire from competing in their teens. So to see Raisman not just repeatedly defy those odds and kick major ass on every apparatus (that silver medal floor routine in the individual all-around though) but declare that she's aiming to go for Tokyo 2020... the talent, the athleticism, the determination, the empowerment — it is effing REAL.

"That’s the goal," she told Ellen DeGeneres of competing in Tokyo at the next summer Olympics. "I’m going to take off a little bit of time because I think I need a little bit of a break. I took a full year off in 2012 and I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to take a year off and then I'll begin training again."

"I’m really excited. I thought I was in the best shape of my life in 2012. I'm in even better shape now so I'm excited to see what will happen in 2020," she revealed.

While Raisman undoubtedly has years' worth of training ahead of her and numerous competitions to compete in in order to qualify for the next summer Olympics (and this time, there will only be four spots on the Olympic team), there is no doubt in my mind that she is fully capable of becoming a consecutive three-peat Olympic gymnast. After all, she and Fierce and Final Five teammate Gabby Douglas already made Olympics history this year by becoming two of only a small number of gymnasts to compete in two consecutive Olympic games, and Raisman knocked it out of the effing park in every routine.

The fact that Raisman is not only not retiring but aiming to compete in 2020 really just says it all: She is in peak physical condition, is more determined and in love with the sport than ever, and is ready and willing to see what the rest of her gymnastics career has in store for her. And with the inspirational story of Oksana Chusovitina on everyone's minds (the 41-year-old Olympic gymnast who has competed in every Olympics since 1992), I'm even more ready for Raisman to compete in Tokyo. My only complaint? That it's four years away.