'Dancing with the Stars' Maks Chmerkovskiy Promises Drama-Free Season, Seems Doubtful

Dancing with the Stars' Maks Chmerkovskiy delivered reality television's biggest lie: "I want to give [viewers] a season that's drama-free." Interviewed by People, Chmerkovskiy opened up about he hopes he won't be construed as the show's source of entertainment because of his antics. "Listen, I'm a sweet guy. I'm just intense at work ... I have come to realize very late in my DWTS career that that doesn't exactly translate in television format. People are tuning in to see the progress and what happens during the rehearsals and don't want to see drama."

And there's lie number two. Everyone knows that drama makes for interesting TV. It's basically the only thing that has allowed shows like Jersey Shore to exist. Drama = ratings, and Chmerkovskiy has been full of that for several seasons. "I think I've given the viewers enough drama in the last nine years," he said, acknowledging that fact. "Now I want to give them a season that's drama-free. Nothing but smiles and laughter and a great time. Let somebody else be dramatic."

In the past, he's been known for his hot-headedness: arguing with the judges, lashing out at fellow dancer Derek Hough, and more. But even though he's vowing to put that sort of drama behind him, we aren't so sure it'll happen. Usually it's the people who want to cause the least problems who cause the most. Remember when Juan Pablo pledged to keep The Bachelor drama-free? See how well that turned out?

But if for some reason Chmerkovskiy is able to live up to his words, DWTS better hope someone else does pick up the dramatic antics because without it the happy-sunshine-bubbly show that Chmerkovskiy is striving for won't be all that fun for audiences to watch.

So long, Maks Chmerkovskiy drama, you'll be missed.