Mario Is Coming To Your iPhone

by Kelly Tunney

At the Apple Keynote event in San Francisco Sept 7, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced an addition to the App Store that will make everyone feel like a kid again: Super Mario Run is coming to your iPhone. A blast of nostalgia on a new device sounds like a great way to meld the past and future of gaming.

After announcing the game, Cook brought out Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Donkey Kong, to speak to the crowd and demonstrate the game. It's the first Mario game for a smartphone. The game, Super Mario Run, can be played with one hand, giving you plenty of time to multitask, travel, or even eat when you play. So, instead of running into people playing Pokemon Go on their iPhones walking down the street, it's Super Mario Run players that you'll be dodging. The game will also feature a new battle mode called Toad Rally. It's sure to be all that you remember about playing with the classic game character updated for 2016.

According to the description from the App Store, the game includes three different modes. In the first, you can complete a challenging course, not unlike the original Mario games. In the second, you can play against another player to see who can complete the course "with the most style." The last mode allows users to create their own Mushroom Kingdom from the coins collected in the other modes.

Expect to see the game in time for the holidays. Cook did not yet release a price for the game in the App Store, but Miyamoto did say that it would be a set price for the download. To receive notifications when Super Mario Run is available, go to the App Store preview page, where you can sign up for updates. According to Business Insider, this is the first time that the App Store has created notifications to let users know when a product is available. That may be a sign of how excited Apple is to work with Nintendo. At the Apple Keynote event, Cook could barely contain his joy as he announced the new game and brought the legendary Miyamoto to the stage. This looks like it's the beginning of a very beneficial relationship for Apple and Nintendo for the future.

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