Hooray! Pokemon Go Plus Works With The Apple Watch

Fans —really addicts — of the wildly popular Pokemon Go have something extra to cheer about with Apple's latest product unveiling on Wednesday. Apple revealed that Pokemon Go Plus can be played on the Apple Watch. Pokemon Go has been one of the most addicting games of the summer, transforming iPhone users into trainers across the country and the globe. According to John Hinke, CEO of Niantic Labs, the Pokemon Go app has been downloaded more than 500 million times throughout the world. And as part of Apple's big rollout, it's been announced that Pokemon Go will be available on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch has its own strong fan base. According to Deadline, Apple has become the second highest watch seller, falling only to the classic Rolex. Apple Watch's Series 2 will coe with its own nifty upgrades, in addition to the ability to play the addicting Pokemon Go. Not only will it be waterproof, but it will be able to "monitor swimmers’ performance," as Deadline noted.

Pokemon Go is not the only 1990s-nostalgia-fueled addition that was revealed in Wednesday's Apple event. The beloved Super Mario game will be added to the iTunes Store. Deadline reported that the announcement "sent Nintendo shares up 6.8 percent."