Flounder & Olaf Will Be In 'Moana'... Sort Of

by Caitlyn Callegari

Sure, I may be a 20something college graduate, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the wonderment that is a new animated Disney movie. As BuzzFeed reports, the film Moana will feature Flounder and Olaf, from The Little Mermaid and Frozen, respectively. But, before I get your hopes up a little too high, I should mention that BuzzFeed explains that their appearances will only be what is considered an "easter egg." Meaning, it'll probably just be a glimpse of the characters.

Ron Clements, the co-director of Moana, told the site that Olaf "is in the movie very briefly." And the other co-director, John Musker, presented a challenge of sorts to BuzzFeed, saying cheekily, "Flounder does appear in this movie. You’ll have to find Flounder. I won’t say where." So, you know, challenge accepted. While the site points out that Olaf's inclusion is slightly nonsensical as opposed to Flounder's given the setting of Moana, the pairing of the two beloved sidekicks actually works in a way that isn't readily apparent.

And it's not because of any plot-like similarities in their own films, but because of the characters' similarities personality-wise. The two are major underdogs who ultimately prove themselves worthy, and maybe that's why their presence in Moana makes so much sense. But that's not the only reason.

1. They're Both Not Immediately Taken Seriously

To be fair, Olaf in particular is kind of silly. However, that doesn't mean that both he and Flounder aren't incredibly wise in their own way, loyal, and very loyal toward their respective princesses Anna and Ariel.

2. They're Refreshingly Optimistic

They juxtapose the other cynical supporting characters who try and discourage the likes of Anna and Ariel. They walk or swim forward and say, "I'm on your side, even if your side might get me killed." Some people are worth melting for indeed.

3. They Have Heart

What a line.

4. They're Courageous Despite Their Benevolence

It's what makes them so great. Ariel and Anna drag their nonhuman companions into some huge dangers, but their sidekicks never abandon them and never stop loving them. It's sweet.

5. They're Both Loyal And Trustworthy Friends

I wish I had friends like Olaf and Flounder. No shade to my real friends, but they're not fishes or living snowmen.

So, yeah, Flounder and Olaf may be an unlikely duo on the surface, but Moana might be getting at something, here.

Image: Walt Disney Motion Pictures