Twitter's Hyped About The Yeezy Season 4 Show

by Augusta Statz

And so it begins! The NYFW madness is in full swing with the debut of the Yeezy Season 4 collection. After alerting attendees of the outdoor location for the show on short notice, the latest Yeezy fashion show was set to begin. All we had to do was wait for it. The Internet was more than ready for it, and these Twitter reactions to the Yeezy Season 4 show prove that Kanye West knows how to create one heck of an event.

Not only was the event livestreamed exclusively on Tidal, but it also showed at Roosevelt Island in front of a crowd of people. The highly anticipated event was supposed to begin at 3 p.m. ET, but was apparently delayed. That only amped up the excitement even more. Does West know how to build suspense or what?

Many people online were excited to see the clothing, but more than that, the shoes that this collection had to offer. West ditched the idea of a traditional stage or runway and decided to have the models line up on the grass in the park because he’s got to keep switching things up. Everyone was wondering what he’d do after his album release/fashion show back in February, and based on these Twitter reactions, the outdoor scene is full of anticipation, and the rest of the fashion show proved to be worth the wait. Once the Kardashian/Jenners arrived and the show actually began, West proved that the clothing was what this whole event was about. And these pieces made it everything worth it in the end, NY heat and all!

1. Non-Traditional Runway

Leave it to West to go and redefine the idea of a runway.

2. So Wearable

Why would you ever wear anything else, you know?

3. All About The Underboob

Why not show it off, you know?

4. Emotional

Why does it have to be sooo cool?

5. Shoes Are The Best

The shoes are the best part.

6. It Items

Everyone's going to want these pieces.

7. Model Life

Can we talk about how beautiful all of these women are though?

8. iPhone 7

Can you believe Yeezy Season 4 and iPhone 7 all happened on the same day?

9. Worth It

These looks were worth the wait.

10. Overall Rating

The texture, clothing and setting were all on-point. West gets a 10 out of 10 for his overall fashion show score.

11. Want It All

West has created quite the covetable collection.

12. All Day, Everyday

I'd like to wear nothing but Yeezy Season 4 forever. Thank you.

13. In Love

People enjoyed this show so much that they want to get married at that venue. Now, you know you've created an inspiring performance when that happens.

14. Epic Performance

It's just too good for words.

15. Perfect Vibe

This was well-planned. Everything worked together so well.

16. Impeccable View

I mean, you can't beat that view.

West has done it again!