Why Space Gray Is No More

by Andi O'Rourke

Forget the headphone jack controversy — one of the other changes to the next generation of iPhone devices has people talking: that color change. Two new finishes have been added, but one was lost. Which begs the question: Why doesn't the new iPhone 7 come in space gray? Apple's former dark metallic finish option isn't going to be on offer when the new models go on pre-sale on Sept. 9.

Simply put, Apple's design team must have decided — "courageously," according to the keynote speech by marketing VP Phil Schiller — that it was time for a new look. Changing out cosmetic details like the color, finish, and material of the case is a way for the technology giant to differentiate between editions and drive demand. In this case, the space gray finish was swapped out two different, darker shades. While this is a pretty far cry from the rumored blue toned finish that hasn't materialized yet, for users who like the sleek, minimal, dark look, a jet black, and a matte black, will be available.

Other options to be sold alongside the two black models will be the silver, gold, and rose gold finishes, for a total of five color options. The jet black and matte black options will have a glossy black face, while the other, lighter colors will feature a white face.

For anyone who isn't ready to let the space gray finish go without a fight, there is always the option of getting a protective case for a new iPhone 7 in an imitation space gray finish. There's bound to be a manufacturer who will take it upon themselves to produce a case for the new model for fans of the color who want their iPhone 7 to shine in the dark steel tone, right?

Honestly, looking at the photos available, it looks like the the regular matte black finish for the iPhone 7 comes pretty close to the phased out space gray finish. At the end of the day, it is kind of hard to feel like the option is completely gone, and users will still be able to satisfy any unfulfilled desires for a space gray iPhone 7 with a minimal look space gray color case if they absolutely can't do without it.