11 Eye-Catching iPhone 7 Cases

There were some big updates announced with the latest iPhone, including one that might make your iPhone sound invincible: The new models are water and dust resistant. In fact, the phone can reportedly withstand immersion in water of up to a meter for 30 minutes. Sounds impressive, but be careful: Any water damage is still not covered by the warranty. And you know what else will still set you back a good $149? A broken screen. So make sure that you have that flashy new device protected with one of these 11 new iPhone 7 cases.

I know, I know. No one wants to cover their brand new, sleek aluminum and glass purchase with plastic or silicone. But it pays off in the long run. When the iPhone 6S came out, I put off buying a case, wanting to find the perfect one. After being extremely careful for a few weeks, the new phone fell out of my coat pocket and now has two lovely dents on the left side from where it hit the floor. Don't make the same mistake.

Even though the device was just announced, there are already lovely options to choose from. Amazon even started selling cases for the iPhone 7 before it was announced, and some on the market are from well-known Apple accessory manufacturers.

1. Official Apple Cases

Apple isn't letting third-party providers beat them to the punch. They've already launched their own cases for the iPhone 7. You won't note much difference in the updated versions of the leather, silicone or battery cases. They resemble the last generation but don't have space for a headphone jack and leave room for the new cameras.

2. Moshi Armour

If you want to keep the aluminum feeling, check out these great cases from Moshi. The Armour case is hardshell but has an absorbent inner layer to protect the phone. The highlight, though, is that it maintains the same feel and look for your phone without endangering it. The back is "diamond-cut aluminum," and it's available in all four matte iPhone colors.

3. Speck Presidio

Maybe there's already a Speck case around your MacBook that you want to match — or perhaps you want a throwback case to remind you of your old iPhone 4 days. These Speck cases have that retro look that you've been missing that allow you to harken back to the glory days of iPhone ownership.

4. Otterbox Defender

If you are constantly dropping your phone, you might want to consider the Otterbox. They have certified drop protection and every inch of the phone is safe, including the lightning port. It has a built-in screen protector, too.

5. Ringke Crystal Clear

If you really want your new iPhone to shine through, consider a clear case. These from Ringke have a front lip that helps protect the screen in a case of a drop. It also protects the rear camera, which sticks out a bit from the phone's body.

6. Spigen Premium Bumper

If you want to add a little bit of a punch, pick up a bumper case that still has a back panel. The metallic bumper matches the color of the phone, so choose between rose gold, gold, and silver. There's also a darker "gunmetal" for those new black phones.

6. Dodocase Bookcase

This is a fun way to mask your phone behind a book cover. Dodocase's Bookcase phone covers are handcrafted with real leather and have an elastic strap to keep it closed.

7. DistilUnion Wally Case

If you're already used to using your phone for everything — transit card, debit card, and all — make sure to consider a wallet case. This one from DistilUnion, allows for easy access to a few cards and comes in several different colors.

8. Caseology Incognito

Caseology has released this sleek cover that will mesh perfectly with the new black models — especially the jet black model since it is thought to scratch easily. Plus the easy grips make sure you'll keep the phone in your hand, and not tumbling to the floor.

9. X-Doria Defense Shield

This X-Doria option is marketed as military-grade aluminum on the outside to protect from falls. Inside it's a soft rubber to keep the phone free from scratches. The company has successfully conducted drop tests from two meters up.

10. UAG Monarch

UAG, or Urban Armor Gear, is also a high-impact option. There are five layers of protection that include rubber, alloy metals, and leather. In tests, phones survived 52 drops of 4 feet.

11. Silk Glitter Case

If none of the prior options struck your fancy, add some glitter to your life. This Silk case has rubber edges and a polycarbonate back — so it's not just for looks. Plus it comes with a free screen protector.

Images: Apple (1); Moshi (1); Speck (1); Otterbox (1); Amazon (5 ); Dodocase (1); DistilUnion (1); UAG (1)