Tarte's Limitless Lippie Set Is The Ultimate Gift

Now that the Pumpkin Spice Latte season has officially rolled around, I’m already counting down the days ‘til Christmas. If you're just as excited for the holidays, you may be interested in stocking up on stocking stuffers a little early this year. In that case, you need to know how much Tarte Cosmetics’ Limitless Lippie Set costs because this is going to be the best thing you could give all of your gal pals this year.

The Limitless Lippie Set comes with two packages containing four matte lippies each. It retails for only $42 and is available on the Tarte Cosmetics website now. This makes a great present because you can shop this affordable set and have gifts for two people completely sorted. Or, you can shop this set and have a gift for a friend and keep one for yourself. Because why not, you know? Might as well treat yourself while you’re at it!

There are a wide variety of shades in the mix, so no matter who you give this to, there’s bound to be a color or two they’ll absolutely love. Thanks to Tarte Cosmetics, your holiday shopping just got so much easier. Hey, even Santa’s got nothing on you.

Carry these tiny lipsticks with you everywhere you go this holiday season!

Two lip sets for only $42 really is a steal.

And with the "To" and "From" sections on the back, you don't even have to wrap these. Tarte really is making gift-giving so easy.

There's everything from mauve to bright red in the mix. And what else would you want to wear during this festive time of year?

How could you choose a favorite here? There are just so many lovable lippies.

Limitless Lippies Deluxe Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set, $42, Tarte Cosmetics

You may need to go ahead and rack up on at lest two of these sets because you're probably going to want to keep a whole one to yourself. I'm talking all eight shades. Just sayin'. It's hard to let go of lip products, you know?

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