'The Purge': 7 Socially Conscious Horror Films

By Kaitlin Reilly
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Audiences love a good horror flick — and love-to-hate a terrible one. But not every horror film is about simple scares. Some of the most frightening films actually have a real point besides "don't go into the attic alone." (Though, honestly, they should stop doing that.) In the new film 'The Purge,' a family must survive on the one night of the year when all crime is legal — a holiday called (you guessed it) "The Purge," which is held responsible for the country's low crime rate and lack of violence. (On every other day of the year, of course.) Intriguing — and terrifying. But 'The Purge' is just one horror film with something to say about society. Read on for some other recent films that used the genre as social commentary, without losing any of the scares. Warning: Spoilers may follow!

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