5 Moments in 'Girls' Episode 11 That We Could Finally Relate To

It's no surprise that Girls has been a bit confusing this season. Between twisted rehab stints and bizarre role-play in a blonde wig, the more we've season of Season 3, the more we've felt unconnected to the characters that we once regarded as girls who were "just like us." However, Sunday night's newest Girls episode, "I Saw You," may have turned the disappointing trend around, just in time for the season's finale next weekend. During Sunday night's episode, we (finally) began to understand the four ladies of Girls once again. Instead of grimacing at their incomprehensibly sad choices and feeling discomfort over their strange interactions with each other, we felt a newfound sense of kinship. We watched as Marnie was rejected by an unavailable musician she's awkwardly and adorably crushing on, as Hannah desperately clings to Adam when she thinks he is going to break up with her.Throughout the episode, we found ourselves nodding in acknowledgement far more times than we scrunched our faces in discomfort, because we've been in plenty of those positions ourselves. Here are 5, to name a few:

1. Marnie gets rejected — and runs to her hookup buddy

Poor Marnie. When she meets Clementine, Marnie is anything but cool and composed. We've all been in this position. We've all crushed on somebody so hard, only to be swiftly rejected by them when they reveal they have a significant other with an incredibly annoying eccentric name that we wish we had.

2. Hannah hates her job—and gets fired on purpose

She hates the job and the work so much at GQ that she picks a fight in the office, pushing to get fired. Without surprise, she succeeds and is asked to leave. As extreme as the scene was, we all couldn't help but feel like it hit close to home. Anyone who's been employed has probably endured a job they really didn't like just for the paycheck and wrestled with the idea of quitting every day they went into work. Hannah was just ballsy enough to act on those feelings.

3. Marnie doesn't speak up — and unfairly loses out on an opportunity

Marnie is talking with an artist she admires at her new job as a gallery assistant. When the artists asks for her opinion on one of the pieces, Marnie freezes up and jumbles her words. At the same time, Jessa waltzes into the studio without a care in the world, loudly speaks her mind to the artist, and ends up getting hired as the artist's personal assistant. We saw this situation coming from a mile away. Those who speak up tend to get what they want. We've all been in a situation when we should have gotten recognition, a job, an award etc. but failed to speak up for it in fear of coming off as a big mouth. Let's all learn from Jessa.

4. Jessa is really bored — and screams about it

There's a moment in the episode when we see Jessa dancing around to loud music in her apartment with Shoshanna. At the end of her dancing stint, she screams out, "I'm so bored," We get you, Jessa. There are times in life when we're so bored, we could scream, too.

5. Hannah finds Marnie in a compromising position — and will never let her live it down

In arguably the best moment of the episode, Hannah is hanging out with Adam in Ray's apartment when she hears some moaning coming from Ray's bedroom. In all of her writer glory, she nosily creeps up to the door and opens it to find Ray and Marnie mid-romp. Instead of quickly closing the door, Hannah probes everyone with questions and tells Marnie that she's not allowed to judge Hannah ever again. Perhaps we haven't caught a friend in the middle of sex, but we've all caught a friend doing something they distinctly said they would never do, whether it involves hooking up with a certain person, taking a certain job, going to a certain place, etc. Marnie is never going to hear the end of this one.

We're glad the girls are back and we're actually looking forward to next weekend's season finale.

Image: HBO