Stassi Schroeder & Kristin Chenoweth’s Interview Preview Will Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Choked Up — VIDEO

*Drives to Griffith Observatory.* *Takes Pump Rules fan signal (read: a giant searchlight that’s been modified to project a symbol that looks like a goat cheese ball) out of the trunk.* *Flips on the Pump Rules fan signal and points it at the night sky.* *Waits for all of the Pump Rules fans to assemble.* I’ve called you all here today for a most important reason: We need to talk about Stassi Schroeder’s interview with Kristin Chenoweth. Er, we need to talk about the preview of the interview. Because the preview of the reality TV icon talking with the Broadway legend/proud Bravoaholic is a gorgeous gem from what's sure to be a stunning crown of a recording.

On Thursday afternoon, the Vanderpump Rules star and Straight up with Stassi host shared something major on Instagram:

I've had one of the most profoundly amazing weeks of my life. And it all ended at this magical moment. Tune into my podcast next week for my interview with my Polly Pocket soulmate Kristen Chenoweth.

While Schroeds was in New York for the 2016 IAB Podcast Upfront, she chatted with national treasure Kristin Chenoweth. And she taped their conversation for her podcast. And we mortals will get to hear it in one week's time.

But wait, there's more: The caption was not paired with a still photograph, but a video of Schroeds's interview with Chenoweth. Ready to get all sorts of emotional watching this brief glimpse at what I’m sure will be a not-to-be-missed podcast episode?

Cheno likes Schroeds for Schroeds. Cheno appreciates everything Schroeds brings to Pump Rules. Cheno tells Schroeds to keep doing Schroeds. Cheno lovingly pats Schroeds’s knee when Schroeds is overwhelmed by Cheno's grace and kindness and perfection. And I am overwhelmed by Cheno's grace and kindness and perfection.

Can't wait to be overwhelmed by the rest of the pod ep next week.

Image: bricesander/tumblr