Who Is Savannah Guthrie’s New Husband? 5 Facts About Mike Feldman

On Monday morning, one Today show host went full Snooki and made two huge announcements. Savannah Guthrie is pregnant and married to Mike Feldman. Surprise! Anyone else remember when Snooki did this — I'm pregnant. What? And engaged. Double what?! — on Snooki and JWoww? No? I'm literally the only person who watched that show? OK, then.

Anyway, Guthrie gave the one-two punch on the Today show this morning. First, Guthrie and her co-hosts joked around about what they did over the weekend and she casually added that she got married right after Al Roker talked about his spring cleaning. Later in the show, Matt Lauer mentioned that he had a clip of his favorite part of the wedding and showed a video of the couple announcing that Guthrie is four months along during their wedding reception.

At this point, we all know a little more about Savannah Guthrie than we ever imagined, but one question is left unanswered: Who is Mike Feldman? We found five facts about the new husband and father-to-be.

1. His Job

Feldman is a media consultant, so perhaps he orchastrated this big reveal. (That fits under the umbrella of media consulting, right?) He is a founding member and the managing director of The Glover Park Group.

2. He Has a Political Background

In his Twitter bio, Feldman describes himself as a "recovering political hack." According to his Glover Park Group bio, he worked for Vice President Al Gore for eight years, during which time he served as both traveling chief of staff and senior advisor.

3. He's Funny

Calling yourself a "hack" after working at the White House for eight years is probably meant to have some humor in it. Also, he has some pretty funny tweets.

His commentary on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade:

At an Anchorman 2 viewing party with Guthrie:

4. His Alma Mater

Feldman attended Tufts University and graduated in 1990.

5. He Loves Football

Sometimes you can find out the most about a person through their Twitter account and Feldman is a big Eagles fan.

Bonus! He Looks Like an Older Mark Zuckerberg

I can't take credit for this astounding comparison, one of his Twitter followers came up with it. Once you notice it, it cannot be unseen.