Lady Gaga & Baby Spice Sing A Spice Girls Duet

There is probably nothing in the way of Spice Girls news that you could tell me that I wouldn't freak out over, but I have to say, this latest tid bit really threw me for a loop. Emma Bunton, aka Baby Spice, posted a video on Instagram of herself singing with Lady Gaga. While that's incredibly exciting news in and of itself, this wasn't just any song being sung. No friends, Bunton and Gaga took on the Spice Girls' classic, "2 Become 1," and it was a positively gorgeous rendition if I do say so myself, as a self-proclaimed Spice Girls mega fan.

But whether you're a Spice Girls fan, a '90s kid hell bent on all things nostalgia, or simply a Little Monster who patiently awaits any Mother Monster news, this video will bring you immense joy. Particularly, if you have an affinity for all three. You see, in the amazing yet brief clip, the two singers cuddle up to each other while singing and it's abundantly clear that they have as great a rapport as they do a harmony. And, you guys, their harmony is pretty damn great.

Is it too much to hope that Gaga was using this as a makeshift audition to join the Spice Girls? Eh, probably. Entertainment Weekly explains that Gaga and Bunton hung out when Gaga visited UK’s Heart FM radio show to promote her new single, "Perfect Illusions." So, I guess that's cool. But hey, at least we know that they work incredibly well together and have a great sound, you know, if the opportunity to really collaborate ever does arise in the future. Yes, this is a wink and a nod to both to Gaga and Bunton to now make this a reality. *Prays to the Pop gods, old and new*

But, enough telling. How about I show you? You can check out the ladies' duet below and bask in its gloriousness for yourself:

I have to tell you, now that the Lady Gaga and Spice Girls music worlds have collided, I never want to go back to the way things were before.