Quay's Sorority Princess Shades Are A Fall "Must"

Here's my open, to-the-point letter to Quay, the Aussie sunglasses brand. "Dear Quay: I love you. You have secured a permanent place in my heart because of your cray cute shades. Thanks, bye." Why the fierce devotion? Well, the brand confirmed an encore of the Quay x Desi Perkins collection, resurrecting the black and gold High Key frames and introducing a silver frame x blue lens pair, on Sept. 28. But that's not what has earned the celeb-loved Quay an immutable spot in my sunglasses-loving heart. Quay also revealed the on-sale date for the Sorority Princess aviators that it has been teasing on its Instagram for weeks. When can you buy the Quay Sorority Princess aviator sunglasses, which will come in two colors?

The Sorority Princess sunnies go on sale online on Friday, Sept. 23. The exact on-sale time is TBD. But it's time for something else right now. It's time to drop whatever it is you are doing and either program an iPhone alarm or reminder or make a note in your paper calendar, if you still use one of those! Either is fine... as long as it gets the job done and you remember to shop on that date.

The Sorority Princess glasses will be available in two colors. I think we need to drool over the pink hue now.

Observe the pink, mirrored, wire frame love below. #Obsessed.

Aren't they the cutest? Quay, you slay. That's all. Period. End of sentence. Next. It's no surprise that Kylie Jenner, known for an on point sunglasses game, is always wearing Quay shades.

Go for the gold.

There they are. The differences in the two color options aren't too drastic or dramatic, based on these Insta images. All I know is that they look pretty amazing.

UPDATE: The second color has actually just been posted via Instagram. See it below. The images of the pink x gold frames appear to be the same shade.

Get the blues.

The Quay Sorority Princess shades will be available online via the Quay site as of Sept. 23. Happy shopping.

Images: Quay Australia/Instagram (5)