Trouble Downloading the 'Veronica Mars' Movie? You Have a Few Options

When your movie project is essentially unprecedented, it only makes sense that somewhere in the process you're going to hit a few snags. And while much of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter saga has gone off with impressively few hitches — and pulled in a solid $2 million in its opening weekend on 261 screens, garnering good reviews — there is one area that is hitting some rather unfortunate snags: Their Kickstarter backers haven't been able to download the movie.

A little background for those of you who didn't donate to keep Veronica Mars going: Backers at the $10 level and above got as part of their package a digital download of the film for their at-home enjoyment. The downloads were organized through the app Flixster. The big problem? A lot of people couldn't get Flixster to do its thing — to download the actual app to their computer/devices and/or to get the film to stream properly once they had.

This, of course, led to a lot of frustrated people. Luckily for everyone, if there's one thing the Veronica Mars team gets on a level a whole lot deeper and more personal than most production teams, it's the importance of pleasing the fans.

And so Warner Bros. and the Veronica Mars team swooped in to try to remedy the situation the best they could. Their solutions included refunds through Amazon Payments, alternative download options through iTunes or other digital venues (backers could buy the film themselves on there and then send their receipts to VMars customer service for a refund), and customer support on Flixster for the people who decide to power through.

For those who decide to forgo convenience in favor of upping box office or VOD numbers, those options are still available, as well. And the fans continue to be the team's public priority; as a Kickstarter backer note read:

Most of the time, when you direct or produce a film, you spend opening weekend watching the box office returns, because those -- for better or worse -- are considered the biggest measure of success. (Happily, we're off to a good start.) I'm still watching those numbers, but I have to be honest: for me, that feels a little bit like playing with the house's money. If you're happy, we've already hit our mark.

Image: Warner Bros