Trump Touts Schlafly's Legacy In Funeral Remarks

Real-estate mogul and Republican nominee Donald Trump spoke at Phyllis Schlafly's funeral on Sept. 10 in St. Louis, Missouri. The conservative icon, well known for her opposition to feminism, abortion, and Communism, had died Sept. 5 at the age of 92, roughly six months after endorsing Trump's presidential campaign.

Speaking briefly from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Trump reportedly honored Schlafly as one who encouraged others to believe the "little person" could overcome "the rigged system." Schlafly's "legacy will live on every time some underdog... defies the odds and delivers a win for the people," Trump said, according to a tweet from Kellyanne Conway, his campaign manager.

Trump also celebrated Schlafly's commitment to her country, recognizing the conservative activists' dedication to the United States. "In all her battles she never strayed from the one guiding principle; she was for America and it was always America first," Trump said, according to NBC Politics. The Republican nominee also touched briefly on Schlafly's endorsement of his presidential campaign, expressing his gratitude at her vocal support. "Phyllis was there for me when it was not at all fashionable," Trump said, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "Trust me. Our country has lost a true matriarch."

Known as a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, abortion, and the Equal Rights Amendment, Schlafly had come out publicly in support of the real estate mogul in March during the presidential primaries, claiming she felt Trump had the "courage and the energy [needed] in order to bring some changes," NBC reported. While she initially faced a bit of pushback and criticism from fellow Republicans surprised and upset with her decision to throw her support behind Trump, Schlafly went on to co-author The Conservative Case for Trump, a book aimed at selling Trump as conservative Christian's best choice to replace President Barack Obama in the White House.

While the Republican nominee is not normally known for shying away from the media spotlight, Trump's remarks at Schlafly's funeral were kept short and his appearance was decidedly discreet, according to reporters on the scene. Trump's wife, Melania, was also in attendance at Schlafly's funeral in St. Louis on Saturday.

After reflecting on the legacy Schlafly left behind, Trump also reportedly told mourners he was sure she was looking down on them and urging them to "keep up the fight" and concluded his speech by promising Schlafly, "We will never, ever let you down," the Associated Press reported.