The Disney Cosplay You Have To See

by Eliza Florendo

There are thousands of beauty and makeup tutorials on YouTube and Instagram that are incredibly useful and can turn any makeup novice into an expert. But there are also a special few that are mesmerizing. Case in point: this makeup artist's Disney cosplay that'll have you scratching your head and wondering if Beauty And The Beast and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame really did happen in real life.

According to Buzzfeed, this makeup artist's name is Richard Schaefer, and he's 22 years old. Scroll through his magical Instagram feed and you can't help but feel major nostalgia feels for your childhood. Whether he's cosplaying as Jane from Tarzan or Ariel from The Little Mermaid, his looks are always on point. Insert hand clapping emoji here. Seriously, if Disney were thinking of making these movies in real life, they should probably hire Schaefer.

Disney cosplay is by no means a new thing—in fact, it's done at Comic-Con every year and of course, there are those characters dressed up in the Disney theme parks. But there's something so cool about seeing a makeup artist doing it in his everyday life. And it's not just the makeup that's super realistic. He's got the outfits and settings down to a T, too.

I mean, check out this setup! It's even more believable when the background totally makes sense for the character he's playing.

This Cruella Deville is too accurate.

Where did he even get flippers?! I'm freaking out over here.

Oh, he just happened upon these steps.

Where's Tarzan at?

Double the Jasmine over here.

Who loves Tangled?

A little Pocahontas action.

According to The Daily Mail, Schaefer uses 40 costumes and 30 wigs to help him transform into these amazing Disney characters. That's some dedication! And apparently, it's paid off, since he now has 190k followers on his Instagram. And, as a fashion design student, he makes many of the costumes himself. Impressive, huh?

Schaefer told The Daily Mail, "I enjoy being in character because I get to be a different person for a while, which is fun." I can totally see that as an incredibly helpful distraction while you're in school. Thank you, Schaefer, for giving me yet another Instagram account to fawn over.

Images: Disney