These Miss America 2017 Memes & Jokes Show How Fun The Competition Can Be To Watch

As another Miss America competition airs, so do a whole new world of opinions on the contestants, the talents, the outfits… you get the idea. I mean, what else is there to do while you’re watching the competition than comment on it? The fans on Twitter were not silent (are they ever?), and of course, there were plenty of memes and jokes about the 2017 Miss America competition to go around.

This year’s show was pretty basic, I have to say. No real controversies or diversions from the usual — a tribute to 9/11 (because the show aired on the 15th anniversary of the attacks) was the only thing that stood out from any previous year. Otherwise, it was the same. Same talent competition. Same evening gowns. Same belabored answers during the interview portion. I’m always amazed at the courage of the women in the competition — they have to walk in giant heels in front of tons of people and answer tough questions while still maintaining an air of grace and beauty. They’re doing all of that and I didn’t get off my couch all day. The Miss America competitors just operate on a higher level, and plenty of people on Twitter had plenty to say about their favorites, the biggest moments, and more.

Some people were really disappointed that their favorite contestants didn't get chosen...

And others had big opinions about the talent portion.

A few let their allegiance to the interview segment be known...

And others showed just how relevant a Miss America .gif can be to everyday life.

And one attentive viewer picked up on hilarious "fun fact" listed about a contestant.

Of course, there had to be at least one making fun of Steve Harvey's Miss Universe blunder, too.

Everyone has their favorites in the Miss America pageant, but of course, not everyone can win! We're lucky we all have the Internet to vent our very many (and frequently hilarious) opinions.