Do Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Want More Kids? They've Both Talked About Having A Big Family

With Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's gender reveal on the series premiere of their reality show Rob & Chyna Sunday night — they're having a baby girl! — people everywhere are even more psyched and fascinated (or at least intrigued) about the idea of ChyRo offspring. And though the reality star is currently still pregnant (and due in October), fans are already wondering if Kardashian and Chyna want more children in the future. It's a little rushed, to be sure — let's let the woman give birth first, guys — it's a question that is rooted in genuine excitement: People ship the ChyRomance so much that they just want them to have all the babies. Especially because the Kardashian-Jenner clan is so huge to begin with — let's add a few more to the empire!

TBH, it seems like Kardashian, 29, and Chyna, 28, do actually come from that same school of thought. For one, while Baby Girl Kardashian will be their first child together, Chyna is already the proud mom of son King Cairo, 3, with Tyga. So once Baby ChyRo enters the world, they will already be a family unit of four. And according to Chyna, Kardashian wants to extend that number even more.

"We definitely discussed having kids,” she recently told People . “Rob made it very clear that he wanted to have a baby. Babies, actually! He wants me to have, like, four."

That certainly backs up a tweet that Kardashian once wrote: "Man I think I need a girl to have about 8 kids for me," he tweeted back in 2014, according to Us Weekly. And honestly, the desire to have a big family makes perfect sense: Kardashian comes from a huge, blended family — do I really need to name all of his full- and half-siblings? — so I can see why he'd want to replicate that in his own nuclear family.

A HollywoodLife source, however, insists that Kardashian's desire to have a big fam actually comes from more of a deep-rooted issue (which you can take with a grain of salt).

“Rob comes from a big family but for many of years of his life he felt exiled from them," the insider claimed. "Part of the reason he wants a massive family of his own is so that he can not only spread a lot of love to Blac and their kids, including King, but also to feel loved by them."

"Should everything go well with Rob and Blac’s first pregnancy, they’re heading down the aisle and back to the bedroom to get it cracking," the source claimed (this sex terminology though), adding that the Kardashian heir wants even more kids than his dad: "Rob wants more children. He wants to have at least as many children, if not more, than his late father."

So while Chyna and Kardashian will probably take some time to themselves after the baby is born (they also have a wedding to plan!), it seems like this baby will not be the last for the couple. Bring on the ChyRo offspring!