30 Genius Gifts That Introverts Will Appreciate

I’d categorize myself as an extroverted introvert — someone who can be social when I want to, but I very rarely want to. It took me years to get to that point, and consequently, I really appreciate great gifts for the introvert in your life. Just about everything I own is something that I can (and probably will) use entirely by myself, like my guitar, my knitting tools, and my slow cooker. I’m really comfortable in my own presence, and while every social media account you own is probably telling you that there’s something wrong with spending your Saturday night with your dog and your Netflix account, I’m here to assure you otherwise.

If you’re one of those people who loves activities you can do on your own, (or you’ve got a friend who’s big into gifts that help with alone time), accept and support that. There are tons of benefits to being an introvert, like that they tend to be stronger leaders, great with creative thinking, and less likely to indulge in impulsive and dangerous activities. That being said, if you’re looking for gifts that help you to become more extroverted, there are a few of those in here as well. Check out this gift guide for the introvert because quality time with yourself is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

1. Bring Solitude & Relaxation Anywhere

Complete Portable Adult Coloring Case, $39, Amazon

Give the gift of tuning out anywhere with this portable adult coloring case. It comes with quality colored pencils, a book of beautifully intricate illustrations, a pencil-sharpener, and a faux-leather carrying case.

2. Make Your Own Wine From Fresh Fruit

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Winemaking Kit, $47, Amazon

This Master Vintner fruit winemaking kit makes for an awesome on-your-own activity because it comes with recipes, fermenters, jugs, tubing, airlocks, enzymes, and a straining bag — just about everything you need to turn fruit into wine in under an hour.

3. Grow Your Own Kitchen Companion

Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden, $53, Amazon

This epic Click & Grow indoor smart herb garden comes with everything you need to grow fresh herbs at home on your counter, no matter what time of year it is — great for anyone who needs a living companion who doesn’t distract you while you’re cooking.

4. A Virtual Companion

Amazon Echo, $180, Amazon

If you're the kind of introvert who could use a digital companion with whom to discuss the day's weather, or learn the latest and greatest nerdy pickup lines, or even just serenade them with on-point '90s pop hits (okay, pulled straight from said-introvert's Spotify playlist), then the Echo is going to seriously improve your life.

5. Meals For One With Minimal Effort

BLACK+DECKER Slow Cooker, $29, Amazon

Meal for one? This Black and Decker slow cooker lets your introvert friend cook delicious, nutritious meals with minimal effort — just throw in a mix of meats and vegetables, and dinner’s covered (clean-up is also a breeze).

6. A Book Light That’s Easy On The Eyes

TaoTronics LED Eye-Caring Reading Lamp, $29, Amazon

For the avid reader in your friend group, this TaoTronics LED eye-caring reading lamp reduces energy, has seven different light settings, five different color settings, and is specifically made to be easy on your eyes. It also comes with a USB charging port.

7. Fuel That Isolation Dream

Rock the Shack, $41, Amazon

For those of us who dream of the isolated life, but can’t because we’ve got a nine to five in a massive city, this Rock the Shack hardcover helps you visualize your get-away shack in the middle of nowhere.

8. Give The Gift Of A Solitary Hobby

Learn to Knit Club, $17, Amazon

Knitting is my all-time favorite introvert excuse: “Sorry, Christmas is coming up, and I need to make three dozen hats in one month.” This Learn to Knit Club comes with everything you need to get started with the hobby, including needles, yarn, and a detailed how-to book.

9. One Cup Of Coffee At A Time

Aicok Single Serve K-cup Coffee Maker, $46, Amazon

In my opinion, everyone needs a single-serve coffee machine, but especially those who are on their own. This Aicok single serve K-cup coffee maker gives you an awesome cup of coffee (just one, so no waste) in under three minutes flat.

10. Stray A Little From Your Comfort Zone

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You, $8, Amazon

Wishing you were just a tad more extroverted? Make some moves with this Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You journal, which has a year’s worth of prompts, mottos, and writing space.

11. A Doormat That Knows What's What

'Go Away' Doormat, $15, Amazon

What? You didn't say it, your doormat did.

12. Bring All Your Entertainment Into The Bath

SafeHouseware Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy, $35, Amazon

Ahh, the bath — the only place where it’s socially acceptable to yell, “Get the hell out of here” at anyone within a five foot radius. This SafeHouseware bamboo bathtub caddy is durable, sleek, and holds everything from your wine to your tablet without any slip-ups.

13. For Someone Who's Extra Introverted In The Morning

Go Away Coffee Mug, $15, Amazon

If you tend to be even more of an introvert in the mornings, this 'Go Away' coffee mug lets people know exactly when it’s acceptable to approach you.

14. Let Everyone Know You Want To Go Home

Ain't No Party Like An Introvert Party Shirt (S-XL), $23, Amazon

Nothing subtle about this one; the 'Ain't No Party Like An Introvert Party' shirt lets everyone know, “I’m not staying more than an hour and I’m counting down the seconds until I reunite with my bedroom.”

15. Pamper Yourself On A Friday Night

Pure! Spa in a Basket, $39, Amazon

Pampering oneself alone on a Friday night is pretty much every introvert’s dream. This Pure! Spa in a Basket has 100 percent all natural spa treatments, like body scrub, a shower gel, bubble bath, and a great sponge, all made with kiwi extract.

16. Learn To Work With Your Great Qualities

You Are a Badass, $10, Amazon

If you or a friend is looking to take some risks with life, You Are a Badass is a number-one best selling book by success coach Jen Sincero that inspires you to move past your fears and start living the most exciting life possible.

17. This Blunt But Adorable Necklace

Leaf Me Alone Pun Necklace, $12, Amazon

Blunt but adorable, this handmade 'Leaf Me Alone' pun necklace has a gorgeous brass finish that makes for a unique gift.

18. Don’t Let A Sore Neck Get In The Way Of Your Bath Time

Luxury Spa Bath Pillow, $17, Amazon

Can’t do anything about the pruning, but this Luxury Spa bath pillow keeps you or your introverted friend extra comfortable in the bath, even three hours later. It’s made from soft mesh material that dries quickly, and it’s got suction cups, so it stays put.

19. Kill Time With Astronomy

Meade Instruments Mini Telescope, $59, Amazon

Explore the sky and contemplate life’s questions with this Meade Instruments mini telescope. It’s got two eye pieces and a generous aperture for great planet or moon viewing, but it’s also portable and easy to store away.

20. Be Your Own Snuggler

J Shaped Total Body Pillow, $42, Amazon

Forget a significant other; this J Shaped total body pillow envelopes your whole body with soft, supportive fluff while you sleep, and it’s also great for back pain, pregnant ladies, and side sleepers.

21. These Organic Bath Bombs With Shea Butter

Herbal Essentuality Bath Bombs, $19, Amazon

These awesome Herbal Essentuality bath bombs are made with organic carrier oils and shea butter to give you a relaxing, hydrating bath experience every time.

22. Entirely Block Out The World

Apie Wood In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones, $20, Amazon

Drown out everyone and everything on your morning commute with these in-ear headphones. They’re so highly rated because they’re ultra comfortable, adjustable, sound super clear, effectively block out noise, and have a built-in microphone.

23. Every Loner Activity You Could Ask For

7” Amazon Fire Tablet, $50, Amazon

Get all the loner activities you could ask for with the 7” Amazon Fire tablet, including audiobooks, music, movies, games, and your favorite apps on a wide but easy to hold screen.

24. Cuddle Up With A Book During Any Season

Mika Home Bamboo Throw Blanket, $37, Amazon

Bamboo is actually one of the softest materials you’ll ever have the pleasure of feeling, but it’s also super breathable, so whether you’re curling up with a book in the dead of winter or on a nice summer night, this Mika Home bamboo throw blanket makes for a lovely companion.

25. This Mug That Speaks The Truth

Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds, $19, Amazon

This awesome mug, which says "Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds," not only looks pretty badass — it’s also durable, microwave friendly, and dishwasher safe.

26. Organize Any Shelf With These Sleek Bookends

Branched Tree Bookends, $25, Amazon

Introverted people just seemingly always love trees; they make great seats and they don’t say much. These Branched Tree bookends look awesome on any shelf, and help you organize your books, DVDs, or magazines.

27. Skip The Gym And Workout At Home

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set, $40, Amazon

The gym is my worst nightmare, as it’s one of those places that’s never, ever empty. With this Sivan Health and Fitness yoga set, the introvert in your life can get a relaxing, well-rounded workout from the comfort of home.

28. Pamper Yourself With A Mud Mask

SABON Mud Mask, $35, Amazon

An ideal accompaniment to that solo movie night, this SABON mud mask has Dead Sea salt and mineral oils, which help to detoxify and clear the skin in the form of a luxurious facial.

29. Put A Lid On It

Anti-Social Hat, $20, Amazon

Sometimes you want to leave the house without having to talk to anyone. This hat takes care of that second part from happening, guaranteed.

30. This Killer Combination Of Introvert-Friendly Themes

Do4U Cotton Linen Canvas Pillow Cover, $9, Amazon

Cats and books: two things that go so wonderfully with reclusive tendencies. This Do4U cotton canvas pillow cover is made with a great-quality linen that looks adorable on any bed or couch.

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