12 Ways People Treat Themselves

As most humans living on this planet know fully well, it can be a thrilling, exhausting, traumatic, and enlightening existence — and it helps to be able to take care of yourself. Highlighting the importance of self-care, the newly trending hashtag #ToFeelBetterI reveals just how Twitter users calm themselves, treat themselves, and find ways to deal with strife and stress.

In many cultures (ahem, America), you don't exactly learn much about keeping your meat sack in order beyond "go to the doctor when you feel sick." It's strange that we aren't taught practical ways to deal with interpersonal conflicts, anxiety, and the interplay between your mental and physical health in school, but hey, that's why feminists and social justice-minded folks are always trying to raise awareness about self-care.

The practice of self-care can range from doing certain activities like yoga, meditation, and hiking to drinking herbal tea, hanging out with people you love, or refraining from negative self-talk when the mood strikes. It can also simply be putting on your favorite TV show/album/movie and forgetting about the world outside for a bit. The main takeaway? It's all about what works for you, because there's no manual that explains how — in the immortal words of Prince — "to get through this thing called life."

Here's what Twitter users do to feel better:

Images: Unsplash; Twitter