You Can Rent The 'Full House' House, But It's A Little Outrageous

Whatever happened to predictability; the milkman, the paperboy, evening TV? It's all here in the Full House house, which you can now literally rent on Craigslist because television is real. While the prospect of renting the home where Danny Tanner obsessively spring-cleaned and D.J. and her kids now live in the Fuller House universe, Full(er) House fanatics should probably keep a few things in mind before frantically shoving their wallets in the landlord's face. Namely, the monthly rent is absolutely astronomical (no wonder Danny Tanner had Uncle Jesse and Joey move in with him!), and though the exterior of the house is the same, the inside looks nothing like the Tanner family home. (The lack of plaid couch is just the beginning.)

If the Full House house — say that 10 times fast — being on the market sounds familiar, it's because the San Francisco home sold for $4 million in May. And now, the owners are renting it out to whoever is lucky enough to afford to sign a one-year lease. Because yeah, the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home is going for a whopping $13,950 per month: Almost $14,000 PER MONTH. A price tag like that sure as hell makes my Manhattan rent look like a freaking dream.


The other indignant factor? The inside of the house is not a perfect replica of the set of the show, which is obviously expected but also disappointing AF (could it have really been that difficult to restructure the entire home to make it look like the '90s sitcom setting?) Don't get me wrong, the house is absolutely stunning and frankly looks like a museum display — you can check out photos of the inside here — but it is still NOT THE SAME. Where is the corner staircase the whole family ran down every morning? Where is the attic apartment where Jesse and Becky and the twins all lived? Where is the room with the bunny wallpaper and Joey's basement man-boy cave?

I mean, if you're gonna shell out $14K a month to rent the Full House house, the least the owners could do would purchase a replica plaid couch for the living room. Either that or have John Stamos included in the price. Have mercy!

Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution; Giphy