'Star Wars' Couples Costumes For Every Generation

Last year’s Christmastime release of Force Awakens may have slightly shortchanged us on Star Wars Halloween costumes, but, don’t worry, they’ll be awakening hard this time around. And if you and your partner have even a mild interest in decades-long space operas, a Star Wars couples Halloween costume could be the way to go this season. Unfortunately, you may not have the money to shell out for that perfect Han Solo jacket or glowing deluxe light saber. Are there simple Star Wars couples costumes you can do on a relative budget (and usually without leaving the mall)? Well, my little Jedi lovebirds, of course there are.

Now, it goes without saying the best Star Wars power couple is, and will always be, C-3PO and R2-D2. But just because I don’t think your S.O. is going to get down with that much gold spray paint and metal (if they do, marry them), I opted for couples costumes that draw from each Star Wars generation. Based on your commitment to the series, Halloween objectives, and TBH what you have in your closet, one of these should be a reasonable pick.

Try on these costume ideas for size, and let the force be with you this Halloween.

The OG Trilogy Couple Costume

For what it's worth, Han and Leia don't get together until The Empire Strikes Back, and, frankly, Hoth Leia braids are more flattering than the cinnamon bun look she boasts in the first movie. Far less iconic, though, so, if you want to go with a truly classic Star Wars costume, it may just make sense to channel the intergalactic lovers in their New Hope outfits. For Leia, you'll need...

A Loose White Dress, Preferably One With A Turtleneck

You don't necessarily have to go full length if you don't want to, personally I would feel overwhelmed being draped in so much white. Something akin to this on-sale H&M sweater dress would definitely work as a base. A dress with flow white sleeves, sans turtleneck, would probably also be acceptable.

Long Turtleneck Dress, $20, H&M

A Silver Statement Belt

This is more about breaking up the outfit than anything else. Technically, Leia's own belt sort of dips down in a triangular fashion, but anything metallic — like this metal belt from Belk — should be fine.

New Directions® Textured Modern Stretch Metal Belt, $19.60, Belk

A Fly Blaster

Luckily, Walmart (and probably most if not all Halloween stores) should have you covered with this official Princess Leia ray gun.

Princess Leia Blaster Adult Halloween Accessory, $11.22, Walmart

And Some Serious Buns

I don't think they need to be especially precise to get the message across, but, if you're more concerned about your make-up, there are no shortage of Princess Leia hair tutorials on YouTube.

So, OK, you're set. What about that stuck-up, half-wit, scruffy-looking nerf-herder? You'll need...

A Long Sleeve T-Shirt In White, Cream, Or Yellow

Technically Han's shirt is kind of a light yellowish tone, but this is the easy costume tutorial, so don't hate yourself if it's not 110 percent perfect. If he owns something like this white H&M v-neck, that's good enough.

Long-Sleeved Stretch T-Shirt, $12.99, H&M

A Plain Black Vest

Nailing Han's vest precisely may be a little trickier, but the basic guidelines are that you want something black and flat (no puffer vests, guys). Perhaps this simple black vest isn't perfect, but I just want to illustrate that we're aiming for something a little less formal.

EMS® Men’s Classic Micro Fleece Vest, $22.50, Eastern Mountain Sports

Jeans In A Flat Blue Color

The bluer the better, and the less of a true denim texture the better. In fact, they don't really have to be jeans so much as they have to be blue pants, like these slim-fitting slacks from Forever 21.

Slim Fit Jeans, $24.90, Forever 21

And Some Red Duct Tape To Complete The Look

This is just a little detail that I think could go a long way if implemented properly. Han has red stripes on the sides of his pants, so what you want to do is take a strip of red duct tape ($5.99) and split it down the middle (usually this can be done by ripping, but use scissors if you want to be on the safe side). Try to get the strip to the length of the pants, and then stick the red strip over the outside seam.

Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape In Cha Cha Cherry, $5.99, Staples

And, Of Course, A Blaster For Shooting First

Walmart's got you covered again with this brightly colored blaster.

Halloween Han Solo Gun, $11.99, Walmart

The New Kids On The Block

You know what? Despite Finn's concern over whether Rey has a cute boyfriend, I'm kind of hoping that him and Poe Dameron end up together. In any case, if you and your main squeeze want to get your hands on a modern Star Wars look, this is what you'll need to do. Rey, of course, requires a base of neutrals...

Two Tan Basics

You need something to put under your clothes, so I would go for something like this Old Navy tan tank top ($7.99)...

And maybe something sandy like these 3/4 cropped pants ($27.99). As long as the pieces are in the tan family, it shouldn't be a huge deal, I would try any and everything in your closet, from awkward nude leggings to the awful preppy khakis your mom bought you to the cargo pants you haven't worn since 2003. Play around. See what works.

Essentials Fitted Tank Top, $7.99, Old Navy

MOA Collection Women's Solid Cropped Pants, $27.99, Overstock

Some Plain Bandages To Wrap Around Your Arms

You may just have these lying around your house and don't need to shell out the money. Or, if you're especially frugal, you can maybe just use strips of the following...

ACE Elastic Bandage with Velcro Closure, $5.53, Doc Ortho

Muslin Or Some Drape-able Tan Fabric

I'm suggesting muslin here because it's super cheap, and it's an easy-to-sew fabric that's historically been used by fashion designers to create samples. Trust me, I know, I'm a proud design school drop-out. It probably also works here because, let's face it, Rey is basically an orphan on a gross desert planet. She's not getting anything fancy. To learn how to create Rey's wrap, you can consult the following tutorial.

Sew Essentials Unbleached Muslin 36'', $0.99 per yard, JoAnn's Fabric

And Don't Forget The Tri-Buns

The finishing touch to the look. Now, for Finn, it's simple, if not a little disappointing.

Use Part Of The Official Finn Costume

There is no way you can snag that iconic jacket for a reasonable price, so the best bet may just be using the top of this Finn costume and then just switch out the awkward bottoms for...

Star Wars The Force Awakens Deluxe Finn Men's Adult Halloween Costume, $37.98, Walmart

Plain Black Pants

Doesn't have to be anything exciting, just some not-super-tight black pants like these from Forever 21.

Slim-Fit Cargo Pants, $22.90, Forever 21

And A Blue Lightsaber, To Pass Between The Two Of You

I mean it's Rey's lightsaber now, it was calling to her, but, hey, everyone gets a scene with it. There are a lot of lightsabers on the market, but, for a quick fix, this one should work.

Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker Extendable Lightsaber, $9.99, Kmart

The Prequel Couple For Those Five Of You Out There

This works if you have no real attachment to Star Wars, but your partner is interested in being Darth Vader. Or if neither of you care about Halloween and you just wanna rip out your pre-Labor Day clothing. Or if you just want a light sense of humor about the holiday. I'm basing it off something my friends did in a music video, so it's amusing as it is anachronistic. For Padme, you just need...

A White Crop Top

You're already halfway there once you get your hands on this Forever 21 shirt.

Cutout-Back Crop Top, $12.90, Forever 21

And Some Complimentary White Pants

You can literally just snag these almost-leggings up while you're still at the store.

Classic Woven Pants, $24.90, Forever 21

A Blaster, For Good Measure

And you can get this one at, you've guessed it, Walmart.

Star Wars Padme Blaster Adult Halloween Accessory, $6.99, Walmart

And, If You're Feeling Ambitious, Follow This Hair Tutorial

Or just go for a low bun and call it a day. And then for old Darth...

This Darth Vader Pull-Over

This shirt is pretty self-explanatory, and not as much hardware as the OG Sith Lord.

Darth Vader Star Wars Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $26.99, Spirit Halloween

And Black Pants

God forbid your S.O. doesn't own simple black pants like these. But, if not, you can hit up H&M.

Chinos Skinny Fit, $29.99, H&M

And A Darth Vader Mask

Who cares if Anakin technically got Vader-ized after Padme's death? You get that mask going, and people will get the point.

Darth Vader Mask - Star Wars, $12.99, Spirit Halloween

And there you have it. Whether you're a Star Wars purist, a trend-hopper, or you're just really ambivalent about the whole phenomenon, you'll be the cutest couple in the whole galaxy.

Images: Walt Disney Motion Pictures/Lucasfilm; H&M (3); Eastern Mountain Sports (1); Spirit Halloween (2); Walmart (4) Forever 21 (3); Belk (1); Staples (1); Kmart (1); Overstock (1); Doc Ortho (1); Old Navy (1)