Babyface Songs The 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant Needs To Perform To

Season 23 of Dancing With The Stars is upon us and, if you are like me, then you are wondering how the hell there have already been 23 seasons of this show. That's insane. This season is possibly one of the most exciting because there are some actual celebrities competing for the mirror ball trophy this time around. Need convincing? Babyface, who was the soundtrack to all of your pivotal middle school moments, will be dancing for the prize. Since he has a music catalogue the size of the Mississippi, there are some Babyface songs he should dance to on DWTS this season.

Babyface will be hitting the dance floor with pro Allison Holker. According to Us Weekly, Holker just gave birth to her son Maddox with fellow dancer, Stephen "tWitch" Boss in May 2016, but she's back at the dance grind. Holker has a ton of impressive accolades to her name, so Babyface is surely in good hands for his attempt at the grand prize. What would really push him over the top is if he used his own music to get him to the finish line. How many other contestants could use their own tunes for their benefit?

Here are the Babyface jams that he should bust a move to.

"Tonight It's Goin' Down"

jhomkelian Black Díaz on YouTube

Now, Babyface isn't exactly known for upbeat dance music but this is one of those rare gems in his music repertoire that makes you wanna bop a little bit. It's smooth and sexy, and I could totally see a really interesting routine coming out of it.

"There She Goes"

BabyfaceVEVO on YouTube

This seems perfect for a super sexy dance routine.

"Stressed Out"

MrNeptonikboy on YouTube

Another really smooth one that has a good upbeat tempo for a dance routine. The lyrics are also all about having fun, so it seems like a great fit for the competition.

"I'll Always Love You"

Warren Burns on YouTube

Despite the sappy title, this one is a jam. You can totally get down to the upbeat tempo. Babyface knows how to make a song, guys.

"This is For The Lover In You (Honey Lookin' Laced Extended Remix)"

Babyface - Topic on YouTube

This particular remix of this song is amazing. There is so much potential in this for an amazing routine. Babyface (do you mind if I call you Babyface?), add this one into your set of routines and you are sure to walk away with that Mirror Ball trophy.

Honestly, Babyface will likely be one to watch. If he can move the way he can sing/write love songs, then everyone else is in trouble.