These Tweets About Ryan Lochte's 'DWTS' Incident Show Just How Ridiculous The Protest Really Was

On Monday night's premiere of Dancing With The Stars, viewers were treated to more than just the usual dancing and celebrity antics when protesters stormed the stage as the judges were critiquing the routine done by Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his professional partner, Cheryl Burke. While the two men, who were later shown online sporting anti-Lochte shirts, were taken away by security and the story unfolded, Twitter users began reacting. And some people on Twitter think the Ryan Lochte "protest" is ridiculous given the current political and social state of affairs.

While no one's yet heard from the two men, who were later arrested by Los Angeles police, it's likely that they were protesting Lochte's alleged misdeeds at the Rio Olympics last month. Lochte was initially considered the victim of a robbery, but later recanted parts of his story and said that some of it was "exaggerated." While there have been no convictions yet, Brazilian authorities are investigating allegations of vandalism and filing a false police report. Many, potentially including the DWTS protesters, are angry at Lochte for that behavior.

While putting pen to paper in protest of Lochte's alleged behavior is one thing, it's quite another to not only storm a live performance that he's featured in, but also to pay to get in the door to do so. Below are some of the funniest responses to this strange protest.

Some People Think It's "Backwards"

It definitely does say something about the character of these protesters, although some of these are kind of harsh.

Others Think There Are More Important Things To Protest

Because, really, if these guys aren't also out in the street protesting in honor of Black lives, they really should take several seats.

And Some Just Find It Amusing

Only in 2016, only in the U.S.

Whatever you think about the incident, you have to admit that peoples' reactions to these kinds of "scandals" are almost as hilarious as the events themselves. Stay golden, Twitter.