6 Things That Happen When You're Late To A Series

Jumping into an established, beloved book series is probably one of the most nerve wracking things a bookworm can do. There is already this huge fan base, and people seem to universally love it — but what if you don't? When I hear about people who are just now reading the Harry Potter series for the first time as an adult, I can't help but be jealous — to be able to go back and start again would be amazing!

But, I finally get the pressure they feel to love it like everyone else does. Having recently started the much buzzed about Throne of Glass series from the beginning, after going into it blind, I get it. I totally do, because basically, I just have a lot of feelings. I want to talk to any and everyone who already loves it, but I can't, because SPOILERS. The series has been out for so long that even ordering the books felt like a land mine.

Despite all the pressure that comes with it, it's so much fun reading a new series. Binge reading, finally understanding what the fandoms are all about, and maybe even having some new favorite characters? It's the best. Here are 6 things that happen when you take on a well-established, well-loved series.

1. Reading The First Book, and Becoming Obsessed

It hits you like a ton of bricks — this is what everyone was talking about? You totally get it now, and regret not listening to the buzz just a tiny bit sooner.

2. Immediately Hunting Down the Rest of the Series

You have a lot of catching up to do, and lucky for you, you're so far behind that most of it is in paperback!

3. Settling in for a Long Binge-Read

Real life? Other books? Commitments? I don't think so, there's about a million pages worth of a series you need to read.

4. Debating Between Talking to Everyone About the Books, and Avoiding It at All Costs

You have a lot of thoughts and feelings, and you finally understand what everyone else was talking about — but you run the risk of getting hit with major spoilers for the rest of the books, and the internal struggle is real.

5. Diving Head First Into the Fandom

Is there anything better than finding a whole new fandom to be a part of? Complete with ships, and fan theories? I think not!

6. Reaching the End, and Finally Discussing ALL THE THINGS

...Until the next book comes out, of course!

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