Is The Too Faced X Beautyblender Collab Limited Edition? Snatch This Set Before It's Gone

When it comes to extremely adorable makeup products, Too Faced is the place to shop. So, when they collab with a company that’s giving necessary tools for your makeup routine (blending is crucial, after all) then, you’re going to want to snatch it up whatever they've created as soon as possible. Is the Too Faced X Beautyblender collaboration limited edition? I’m glad you asked.

Too Faced and Beautyblender have teamed to bring you a set that contains one baby pink (a.k.a. Too Faced Pink) Beautyblender, one Blotterazzi compact and a Candelight Glow highlighter compact for just $40. But, according to the brand’s Instagram, the set is a limited edition product. It will be available to shop online at Sephora on Sept. 13 and in Sephora stores on Sept. 18, so I suggest you get your hands on this set while you can. Something this practical (and cute) doesn’t come around often, and it certainly won’t last forever. All the more reason to make it yours!

This set will give you everything you need to apply foundation, add a flawless powder finish and get your glow on. You’ve basically got your entire beauty routine sorted with these three items on hand. The fact that you can have all of that for only $40. Well, I’m sure you’re convinced to make a purchase by now. If not, these photos should persuade you.

What's not to love about a collection with this much pink?

The fact that the collab is limited edition only makes it more covetable!

From the packaging to the glow power that's inside of that highlighter compact, this collection has everything to help you absolutely slay.

The Candlelight Glow highlighter will give your cheeks all of the color and shimmer they could need!

The only thing cuter than these beauty items are the cookie versions of them.

Go on and shop while supplies last! You won't want to miss this limited edition beauty!

Images: jerrodblandino/Instagram (1); toofaced/Instagram (2); Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics (1)