'RHONY' Season 9 Could Have Some Changes

Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York City is finally at an end, and after that explosive three-part finale, it seems like some of these women will never want to be in the same room again, let alone spend an entire season of television together. Bethenny Frankel has already suggested that she's not going to return to The Real Housewives of New York, causing fans to panic that there's a chance she won't be returning, but who else will be back on Season 9 of Real Housewives Of New York Until Bravo announces which members of the cast will be renewed for another season, there's no way to know for sure, but the opinions of the ladies still do count for something, especially if they don't want to return. I think the network would love to have almost all of these women back if they so choose, but, after Season 8, I'm not sure they'll all be happy to be back.

With so much drama developing after the Season 8 reunion, these ladies' commitment to RHONY could be unsteady. Here's my best guess as to who will be back and who might be on the chopping block. Bustle reached out for comment from Bravo on the general cast makeup for Season 9, as well as the reports of Bethenny and Jules allegedly leaving, but has not yet received a response.

Bethenny Frankel

After telling Entertainment Tonight that she was "distancing" herself from RHONY after the tough reunion, according to Page Six, Bethenny is allegedly being offered $1.5 million for the new season, which might convince the SkinnyGirl creator to stay on the show. Bethenny may love being right, getting more time to spend with her daughter, and not having to drive out to the Hamptons so much, but a payday like that could be enough to sway her.

(The Former) Countess LuAnn De Lesseps

In the finale, LuAnn shocked Bethenny when she chose to stay with her fiancé, Tom, even after the season full of drama. Before St. Regis-gate, LuAnn was setting herself up for her best season yet: She could get married on camera! Now, though, it looks like by making an enemy of Bethenny, LuAnn might have destroyed her chance.

Ramona Singer

Even though she had a comparatively low-key season, there's no doubt in my mind Ramona will come back for more Turtle Time. She's done weeping over Mario and is in full-on single woman of a certain age mode. Next season, I fully expect her to arrive with a much younger boyfriend in tow.

Sonja Morgan

Normally, I'd just say the exact same thing about Sonja that I just wrote about Ramona, but this year, the NYC party girl was sober in more ways than one. Cutting back on her drinking was a good idea, but seeing Tom commit to LuAnn so quickly, and so publicly, really seemed to hurt her. If LuAnn sticks around, she may not want to.

Carole Radziwill

If Bethenny returns, I'm sure she will too, but Carole should be put on notice, because other than being a sidekick to Bethenny, she didn't do a whole lot this season. Honestly, I wouldn't be mad if she was demoted to a "friend of" the Housewives.

Dorinda Medley

If I was Dorinda, after watching myself on this season of RHONY I'd probably want to cool it a little bit. Getting emotional over a catering spread is a little dramatic, even for a reality show. But she still seems to enjoy appearing on the show, and there always need to be cast members who are willing to host parties and plan vacations.

Jules Wainstein

The first season can be hard to get over, and Jules had a tough one. Her now-ended marriage and her eating disorder recovery both came under fire on Season 8. Reportedly, she allegedly has decided to leave the cast, according to Page Six. While Jules' rep didn't confirm the reports, they told E!, "Jules is going good through a divorce and is putting her family first."

Season 9 of The Real Housewives of New York City will be feeling the echoes of Season 8, particularly the reunion. And with one cast member allegedly heading away from the cast and one veteran saying that she's "left it behind," there could be some major changes when the show returns.

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo (5); Giphy (2)