What Pablo Escobar’s Wife Looked Like IRL

by Caroline Gerdes

Chances are, if you are a Narcos fan, you suddenly know a lot of trivia about Pablo Escobar and the real life DEA agents who took him down — Javier Peña and Steve Murphy. After hours of marathoning Narcos on Netflix, you probably Googled the events you are still reeling over, trying to figure out what was fact and what was fiction. The newly released second season of Narcos depicts Escobar in hiding with his family, which means viewers saw his side as a father and husband. But, at the show is not a documentary, nor based 100 percent in fact, you may be wondering what did Pablo Escobar’s wife look like in real life?

On Narcos, the character of Escobar’s wife is known as Tata, but her real name is Maria Victoria Henao, according to Philly.com. The couple really did have two children Juan Pablo (who later changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin) and Manuela, who is also reportedly living under an assumed name, according to El Tiempo. After Escobar’s death, Henao fled with her children to Mozambique before finding refuge in Argentina, where the family reportedly remains, according to Latino Life. The same outlet also reported that Escobar's wife later changed her name to Victoria Henao Vallejos. She has stayed pretty much out of the spotlight since her husband's death. But, what did she look like during her days with Pablo Escobar? Here are some photos of their life together.

Young Couple

Here we see the pair young and in love.

Another Snapshot

Probably from early on in their relationship.

The Escobar Family

Henao, Escobar and their two children at what seems to be a formal event.

For the most part, it seems that Henao would like to remain under the radar. There are few photos of Henao online and she hasn't made public statements in years. While we can't be sure what Henao is up to these days, we can tune into Narcos for a glimpse of her fictionalized life, where her character is played by Paulina Gaitan.

Image: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix