New 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer Is Full-On Brady Bunch

Tuesday the official trailer of the much-awaited X-Men: Days of Future Past will assault the internet, and probably break the nerdier corners of Twitter. Even though the first look at the star-studded continuation of the X-Men movie franchise is exciting news for X-Men fans and J Law worshippers, today's Instagram teaser feels pleasantly retro. The tiled Instagram video gives clips of the action and reminds us of the Brady Bunch intro, but with more badassery. Each clip is a moment of brand new footage from the film, and although all of them seem awesome, the clip of Peter Dinklage in a chair gives us Game of Thrones flashbacks.

In case you've missed the thousands of excited tweets, Days of Future Past picks up where X3 left off. Professor X sends Wolverine back in time to prevent the apocalypse for humans and mutants alike. The "old" versions of the X-Men have to join forces with their First Class counterparts in a multigenerational battle to save the world, and the internet has rallied around this new bridge between two generations of X-Men movies. Fans are excited to see J Law turn blue and a young, Fassbender Magneto, but the action sequences tomorrow's trailer will unveil might change our future.

In case you need something to tide you over until tomorrow, here's the Instagram teaser, and the Brady Bunch intro. You're welcome, and happy trailer viewing tomorrow.

bradybunchfan1 on YouTube

Images: xmenmovie/Instagram