How To Change The Text Color In An Instagram Story

by Jessica Learish

There's a new Instagram update in town, and your Insta Stories are about to get that much more colorful. Now, you can change the font color of the text in your stories to any hue you can imagine. So, how do you change the color of the text in your Instagram Stories? It's actually incredibly simple. When you go to add text to your Instagram Story by hitting the "Aa" icon, a color palate will instantly pop up. Choose from the pre-fab color options by swiping through and clicking on one of the colored circles floating above the keyboard, or select a custom shade from a color wheel by long-pressing on any circle to bring up a continuous rainbow.

Your Instagram Stories can now be just as colorful and customizable as the photos that you post to your profile. No more juggling other apps to add colorful text to pictures and videos. You can now manage the decoration of your Instagram Stories from one simple window. Although to add glowing text, you'll still have to draw the letters in with the neon marker tool.

This Instagram update is unsurprisingly largely story-focused and includes new features such as the option to auto-save pictures and videos from your Instagram story camera to your phone's camera roll. Find this option by tapping the settings gear on your story camera.

You can also opt to mute stories from accounts that you follow. To mute stories, long-press on the user's round profile picture in the stories bar and select mute. Once muted, this user's stories will move to the end of the stories bar and will not auto-play while you're mindlessly watching stories. This option is great considering Instagram has elected to share your story-viewing habits with the people who share them. Once you mute a user's story, you can still watch anything that they post, but you have to physically tap their profile picture in the story bar to access it since autoplay won't take you there by surprise.

Check out this video to see how to make your font colors pop.

It's like when Dorothy first arrives in Oz — a full technicolor experience.

Image: Jessica Learish