8 Weird Things That Will Help You Live Longer

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Despite what almost every Disney movie we ever saw told us about mortality and the fluidity of time, there is no fountain of youth. There’s no magical spell, there’s no holy fruit, no spiritualized flower, no turning the clock back. Time only moves forward, and our health will eventually decline. That’s the beautiful tragedy of human life. And while it’s fun to believe that there are exceptions to this reality, there are no quick fixes or defying nature. We all know our time here is precious.

That said, the healthier you are, the more likely you are to live a longer life — that's just science. There are millions of theories and supplements and activities that people swear by. But usually, it’s not long before someone comes along and debunks the idea. Sure, vitamins and exercise are tried and true, but there are also a few other life-extending hacks that people swear by — though they may be less popular. While everyone's body is different, these types of hacks are worth giving a try. Regardless of whether or not they're age defying, they're undeniably healthy, and it never hurts to add healthy habits to your routine. These are eight weird things that might help you to live longer:

Spending Time On A Mountain

Studies show that people who live in higher altitudes live longer lives, on average. They are less likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke and are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The fresh air and doesn't hurt, and the geography ensures regular exercise, which is another bonus.

Having A Nightly Drink

Drinking in moderation (anywhere from one to three drinks, depending on your health and tolerance) can have positive effects on your mortality. Studies show that a regular drink can be more calming than resisting alcohol, and a drink or two before bed can help to induce sleep. Just stay hydrated, and don't drink beyond your limits.

Eating More Salmon

Foods with omega‐3 fatty acids might decrease the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer's disease. Salmon is especially rich in fatty acid, which can also help with muscle control, calcium metabolization, clotting, and digestion. Basically, it's a super food, and it doesn't hurt to indulge in it.

Socializing More

A healthy and active mind leads to a healthy and active life. A study showed that people with close relationships that inspire cognitive stimulation, have a 50 percent chance of living longer than people who are isolated and don't maintain relationships. Yeah, it's a great excuse to socialize.

Sexing It Up

Having a lot of (safe) sex is actually great for your health. And climaxing in particular, can increase lifespan. Whether you orgasm by yourself, or with a partner, there is a found correlation between orgasm frequency and lifespan, in addition to overall heath — mental and physical.

Going To Comedy Shows

When you laugh, you reduce your stress levels, and when you reduce your stress levels you reduce the amount of cortisol that's found in your system. Cortisol has all sorts of negative affects on your body, and the less time you have it pumping through your veins, the happier your body is. Laughing also reduces high blood pressure and increases endorphins.

Using Fancy Pillowcases

When you're sleep deprived, your body is running on fumes. It can exacerbate anxiety, depression, stress, and preexisting ailments, and weaken your immune system. One way to increase your chances of getting a good night's sleep is to change up your bedding situation. Silk pillowcases help to leave your skin moisturized, which can promote healthier skin and fewer distractions while trying to fall asleep.

Cooking Your Own Dinner

When you eat out at restaurants, you have no idea how sodium and fat they're putting in your food. You don't really know anything about how the food is made at all! Cooking at home not only helps you keep track of your intake, but it's more likely you'll make healthier options when cooking for yourself. It also keeps you active and connected to your health. It helps you to remember that the mind and body are one.

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