These Maps Will Make You Hungry

Every once and a while, I’ll see something brilliant on the Internet and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of this first?!” Today’s brilliant thing? Maps made entirely of food! Chef stylist Caitlin Levin joined forces with photographer Henry Hargreaves to produce a series of photos featuring maps composed of a country or continent's most defining iconic foods. And the results are both beautiful and delicious.

The series' long roster of countries/continents includes spots like France, made up of bread and cheese; the U.K., a mosaic of tea biscuits, of course; and the United States, a collage of corn and corn products. Inspired by their passion for travel, the team wanted to express how important food is to experiencing new cultures and bringing people together. Like I said, this is brilliant.

If you were wondering how they created the physical maps, well, they're not exactly party trays you'd buy at Whole Foods. The attention to detail, time, and clever techniques used to create the final products make the photos seem that much more amazing. Check out how Levin and Hargreaves conjured up their food maps below:

Here are a few highlights from this savory Internet find: