Ryan Seacrest & Adriana Lima Seem To Be A Thing

Just in time for ~cuffing season~, Ryan Seacrest and Adriana Lima are reportedly dating. According to E! News (which is notable for being one of Seacrest's many places of employment), the host and model were recently spotted having a "romantic dinner date" in New York City — a date, which, when coupled with the pair's outing at West Village Italian eatery Dell'Anima over the weekend, certainly makes it seem like something romantic is going on between the two. And while the pairing of Seacrest, 40, and Lima, 35, may seem entirely out-of-nowhere, it turns out their rumored relationship may not be as random as you might think.

While Seacrest and Lima were in town for different reasons (according to People, Seacrest was on a business trip and Lima was in Manhattan for Fashion Week), the two — who initially met while covering the Olympics in Brazil last month — took the time to meet up in New York and spend some time together outside of work-related events.

"They reconnected in New York last weekend over a romantic dinner to get to know each other outside of work," a source told People.

The two recently spent time together in Rio de Janeiro, where Seacrest was covering the Olympics, and Lima, who is Brazilian, was serving as one of the "food and culture" correspondents for NBC, People reports.

In fact, it was obvious to anyone who follows Lima on Instagram that there might be something a little flirtatious going on between the two while in Brazil: In the above photo alone, the model — who split from her husband of five years back in 2014 — referred to the television host as "charismatic-handsome" while they dined with her friend and fellow model Alessandra Ambrosio. (TBH, that's an unfairly good-looking group of people right there.)

They also took another shot while nommin' away on some Brazilian delicacies (based on their clothes, it looks like it was the same outing), with Seacrest smiling widely for the camera and Lima seductively eating one of the desserts.

This is all to say if the two are together, it wouldn't actually be totally random that they're dating: They met, hit it off while dining together (and looked hot while doing so), and clearly enjoyed each other's company enough to meet up while in New York and grab a bite again. Sounds like the beginning of any ol' relationship to me!

Of course, despite the E! report, an Entertainment Tonight source has come out to claim that Lima is not, in fact, dating Seacrest and is actually with New England Patriots wide-receiver Julian Edelman.

"Adriana and Ryan met in Rio [while covering the 2016 summer Olympics] and had dinner with a big group of people there, and then once in New York," the insider said. "They are definitely not dating." Lima and Edelman, on the other hand, have apparently been together since July, according to this source — TMZ has photographs of the two holding hands — and are "seeing how it goes."

So what's the real answer here? Maybe Lima isn't exclusive with either guy and is just enjoying the dating scene. Maybe she and Edelman actually called it quits and now she's seeing Seacrest. Maybe she and Seacrest are just friends who like to catch up over a meal. Bustle has reached out to reps for Lima and Seacrest regarding the reports, but has not yet heard back.

At the end of the day, they're two hot people who enjoy hot food, and really, is there any better bond than that?