Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Personal Fears Which Make Her 'Stranger Things' Role Even More Impressive — VIDEO

I'm not quite sure what I was doing when I was in middle school, other than trying to quell my awkwardness and keep my acne to a minimum. But I sure as hell wasn't going on late night talk shows and charming everyone in the audience and, subsequently, the entire nation. Which is something Stranger Things' Eleven, obviously can't relate to. Case in point, Millie Bobby Brown went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and unabashedly told him about how she's afraid of practically everything. And, trust, it'll endear you to her even more considering her day job and all.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Colbert posed the most pressing question we all had in mind for all of the child actors on Stranger Things. After talking about how she is a bit of an on-set know-it-all when it comes to running lines, Colbert asked Brown, "It's a spooky show, do you get scared yourself? Like, does the show scare you?" She vehemently declared that it does, punctuating that with the fact that she's, "frightened about everything." Colbert pressed on further, asking of her worries, "everything on the show, or just things in general?" She hilariously jumped to answer, "Just things in general."

So, you know, it's nice to feel validated that a decidedly well spoken and mature child is as scared as the rest of us cowardly adult fans of the show.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

Unable to let this curious trait of the Horror/Science Fiction genre actor go, he asked her, "What scares you?" And, she was all to eager to answer, "Sharks, the dark, bungalows... bungalows really freak me out." She went on to explain, due to Colbert (and, let's be real, everyone's) confusion over the fear of a style of house. She even had to clarify what a bungalow was, considering that he thought she was using an English interpretation of the word different to the American interpretation. I suppose she didn't ever want to step foot in Will Byer's home, then. (Honestly, though, after finding out Will got transported to the upside down in that very house, I suppose I can't blame her.)

This makes her acting cool, calm, and collected as Eleven in the midst of paranormal weirdness and imminent terror all the more impressive, doesn't it?

Images: TheLateShowWithStephenColbert/YouTube