Former 'Boss' Judith Light's Set To Star In ABC Comedy, 'Broad City' Ladies Would Approve

It's like this giant rule floating out there in the universe: For every ten sitcom stars of yore, at least nine will at some point in their careers try to stage a comeback. I completely made that fact up, but you gotta admit it rings true. If it didn't we'd never have gotten The Comeback, that short-lived but beloved Lisa Kudrow comedy that worked on multiple levels as a commentary on that very phenomenon. The newest sitcom returner? Who's The Boss's Judith Light, who just booked a gig starring in new ABC comedy pilot The Winklers.

If the first thing that came to your mind at the word Winkler was Henry Winkler — another former sitcom star, who made a comeback previously in Arrested Development — then you're right on point: According to Deadline the show is "based on Henry Winkler’s relationship with his son-in-law, Reinis, The Winklers centers on Jack (Domenick Lombardozzi), an emotionally reserved construction worker who learns about love, life and hugs while unexpectedly living with his in-laws — successful actor Henry (Winkler) and Tita Winkler (Light), the fabulous, fierce momma bear of the family."

So we've got a bit of meta-commentary working there — as well as the opportunity to name-drop Broad City, since the last time I heard Judith Light's name was when the ladies (and Hanniabl Buress) realize that a dog reminds them of the former Ugly Betty and Boss boss. It should be noted that this dog was kind of astoundingly beautiful and that it's not a slight on Judith Light.

(Language in the video NSFW; Judith Light bit starts around 1:40)

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