7 Adorable Snail Mail Greeting Cards That Will Make Someone's Day

The best kind of message is a text message letting you know that plans are cancelled and you can stay in and watch TV like you really wanted in the first place. The second best kind of message is an email letting you know that the food you ordered is on the way. But the third best kind of message is a surprise greeting card in the mail from an old friend letting you know that you are special and they're thinking of you.

Here are 7 adorable greeting cards are perfect for saying "I love you," "Thank you," or even just "Hello." Long live snail mail!

You are one boss bitch

Finding this card in the mail would bring a smile to any woman’s face. Send it to your BFF or even your mom, ASAP.

Boss Bitch Card, $4.50, Etsy

You can do it

There’s nothing like some good old fashioned reassurance. Let someone you love know that he/she can-can do anything!

Can Can Card, $4.50, Rifle Paper Co.

you auto-complete me

Saying “I love you” is boring. Say it like a true Millennial with this auto-complete card.

Auto-complete Card, $6, Etsy

i love you more than craft beer

You can let your special someone know just where they stand with this card.

Craft Beer Card, $4, Etsy

sending my love

Send your love with this adorable boarding pass.

Sending My Love Card, $6.50,

in spite of your flaws

Does your person leave you to clean the dishes? Refill the toilet paper? Well you still love them anyway, I’m sure. Let them know!

In Spite of Your Flaws Card, $4.50, Rifle Paper Co.

thanks a ton

Thank you cards are a thing of the past, as is snail mail I suppose. But that doesn’t matter because this card is too adorable not to send.

Thanks a Ton Card, $4.50, Etsy