Victoria Justice Shares A New 'Rocky Horror Clip'

I've watched my fair share of this new wave of made for TV musicals that have been produced in recent years. Some have delighted me endlessly, while others... they, uh, didn't wow me as much. Or, like, at all. So, I think it's only natural that I, and others like me, remain somewhat skeptical over any new musical of a similar kind. Which is why I'm really glad that on Tuesday night, Victoria Justice tweeted a clip of the Rocky Horror Picture Show musical FOX is putting out. Because it was entertaining, sure, but also because it'd eased my fears about the show in a mere 25 seconds.

If you aren't a fan of spoilers or previews or any material that could potentially taint the debut performance, you total weirdo full of willpower and discipline, I assure you that this clip won't ruin a thing. It's just a taste of what the musical has to offer. Justice even says so in her excitable tweet. She proclaims that, "Here’s one small fraction of the main attraction First look at my 'Touch Me' number from @RockyHorrorFOX." In fact, rather than leaving you feeling like you've seen it all, it has you wanting more. A sure sign that even better things are to come from the production.

But, enough about you. Let's get down to the subject at hand, shall we? In the clip, Justice performs "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me," with Game of Thrones actor, Staz Nair. And, if you've ever seen an interpretation of the infamous show before, you'll be more than pleased with their rendition. The choreography evokes quite a few good, appropriate laughs at their expense — and, no pun intended, seriously, I apologize, but they do the song... justice.

See, I told you that you'd be sad that's it's over. Hopefully, this clip means there'll be more material released in the coming weeks. The wait for it's release on Oct. 20 seems all too far away now.