Where To Buy Jessie James Decker’s Bless Your Hair Perfume For Sweet-Smelling Locks — PHOTOS

When it comes to fashion, beauty and killer vocals — this gal can do it all. You may have heard about her Kittenish fashion line and her very popular Lip Kit, but did you know that this southern songstress also has a line of hair perfume? Whether this is news to you or not, you need to find out where to buy Jessie James Decker’s Bless Your Hair perfume because it's getting stocked at a brand new retailer!

And it’s a good thing it is, too. This product is sold out online at both fave4 and Xile Beauty (the only places where it was previously carried). So, if you’ve been dying to get your hands on these great-smelling scents, you’ll be happy to know that you will soon be able to head over to target.com, and shop both of the Bless Your Hair products! JJD has released a “Sweet Magnolia” and a “Honey Dew” scent, and there’s absolutely no going wrong with either.

Bless Your Hair "Sweet Magnolia" Hair Perfume, $28, Target; Bless Your Hair "Honey Dew" Hair Perfume, $28, Target

According to Decker’s Instagram, both scents will be available to shop online at Target by the end of Sept. So, I hope you’re ready to have a flawless mane. Because that’s exactly what JJD’s going to help you achieve. I can’t wait for it, y’all!

This is exciting news, indeed.

Yet another place to score JJD hair products? There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Decker's got plenty of great beauty and hair advice.

So, if she says this stuff will take my hair from "dirty to flirty" in no time, I believe her.

David Becker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because I mean, just look at those gorgeous locks! She's all sorts of #hairgoals.

Besides, with scents this good, how could you pass up the chance to buy?

Get ready to shop these sweet-smelling spritzes soon!