How To Go To The 'DWTS' Live Show

If you are big fan of Dancing With the Stars, I'm sure that you want to do more than tune in each week and cast votes for your favorite pair. Devoted viewers likely want to know how to go to the Dancing With the Stars live shows themselves, because yes, that is a possibility. The good news is that the tickets are free. And if that sounds too good to be true that's because it kind of is. Of course, there is a catch: These tickets are actually pretty tough to come by.

There's actually another bit of good news though: There are multiple ways to get tickets, but it's not a guarantee and it all involves submitting your information and waiting around to be selected. So that's kind of annoying, especially if you're not local and would still love to sit in the audience.

It's a little bit of a risk, but you do have a shot at seeing your favorite dancers and celebs. First off, DWTS tapes in Los Angeles, so that's where you'll need to go if you do get tickets. You can call 818-295-2700 to put your name on the list for tix, but there are also online options for Dancing with the Stars tickets at the On-Camera Audiences website. There is a list of upcoming show dates. Click on the specific date(s) that work for you to join the wait list for tickets. The tickets are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you know which show you want to attend, plan in advance so you get the best shot at seeing the show live.

If you are nervous because you only just found out about how this works and you know that you are not one of the first people to join the wait list, you still have a chance since new fans (those who just joined the list) will get access to a few reserved tickets that are available through a lottery system. This means that the people who have been waiting for tickets all along and the people who recently signed up both get a chance to see the show.

Still, DWTS is a popular show, so if you're curious about the wait, the On-Camera Audiences FAQ estimates that there would be a wait of 3-24 months for tickets. That is a very wide window of time, so again, plan ahead.

There are also ways to win priority tickets if you follow the show's social media accounts. Dancing With the Stars has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where fans can enter to win tickets and are selected at random.

It should also be noted that anyone with special needs who needs assistance or accessible seating will be accommodated.

It doesn't seem like Dancing With the Stars is going off the air at any time soon, so if you're a big fan and want to be in the audience, then make sure your name is on the wait list and keep track of the social media contests. Hopefully if your dedication will pay off and you'll get to watch all of the action go down.