Alyson Stoner's "The Boy Is Mine" Music Video Shows Jealousy Through A Hilarious Lens — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Though most of us would like to think that we keep a level head about love, it's all too easy to get wrapped up in a new romance — especially when you think it could be taken away from you by the watchful eyes of other suitors looking to pursue your significant other. Alyson Stoner's new song "The Boy Is Mine" explores these less-than-comfortable feelings, and her new music video is a funny, unapologetic parody of what happens when we try to hang on too tightly to a guy who might not even be as perfect as we thought. Told through the lens of a '50s-esque dance, Stoner's video for "The Boy Is Mine" has the perfect aesthetic for the song.

Jealousy is all too common in relationships, even if we'd rather not admit when we've been struck by the green-eyed monster. Like Taylor Swift's video for "Blank Space," Stoner plays a character that's letting her jealousy over the other ladies in her man's life get the best of her. However, while Swift fell in love with an actual man, Stoner's bae is more mannequin. Perhaps it's a metaphor for how we can see perfection in people who aren't everything that we want — or perhaps her character really is that delusional.

The '50s aesthetic of the video certainly makes it seem like things are artificially "perfect," which is exactly like the relationship Stoner portrays in the video. Clearly, there are a lot of issues here, but Stoner's character would rather fake a smile while seething on the inside. The '50s aesthetic is reminiscent of a time where sitcoms showed exclusively smiley people, surf rock was all the rage, and gender roles were never reversed. For all the problems with the '50s, though, you have to admit that the fashion was pretty on point, as it is in the video:

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from "The Boy Is Mine," exclusively for Bustle:

The Boat Ride With Bae

Ah, staring into the adoring eyes of someone made of plastic. What could be a better afternoon?

Beach Days

Loving the full '50s-esque beach party outfit here.

He's A Mini Man

It's Stoner's character's love that transforms the toy doll that she makes into a full-fledged, life-sized mannequin doll. Too bad her love couldn't turn him into a real boy.

The Boy Is Officially Mine

Even if his head is too small to fit into the groom costume.

Stoner's new video is a hilarious answer to the jealous monster that sometimes comes out in all of us. We've all been there, but we can at least take comfort in the fact that at least we've never gotten into a jealous spiral over a doll.

Images: TheRealAlysonStoner/YouTube; Nina Kolb (4)