See The Dates For Lauren Oliver's 'Replica' Tour!

It's a good time to be a Lauren Oliver fan. In October, the Delirium Trilogy author will release her latest book, Replica, a innovative novel that tells not one story, but two stories. That's right: the book contains two separate stories that can be read four different ways. But the good news doesn't stop there. Lauren Oliver is going on tour this fall to chat with fans and sign copies of the book, and Bustle has all the details on where you can meet her!

Replica, out Oct. 4 from HarperCollins, is a novel unlike any other, as you can probably tell from its mirror-inverted covers. Gemma and Lyra's stories are separate, but they intertwine and weave together in shocking, unexpected ways. There are four ways you can read this novel: you can finish Gemma's story in its entirety, then turn it over to read Lyra's (or vice versa). Or you can alternate between reading a chapter of Lyra's, then a chapter of Gemma's (or vice versa). However you choose to enjoy this story, prepare yourself for an incredible speculative fiction thriller that will have you flipping pages — and flipping the book — all night long.

Lyra — or number 24 as she's known at the top secret Haven research facility — is an experimental subject. She's a "replica" — a clone. Along with a boy named 72, she escapes the mysterious facility and journeys to the outside world for the first time. During their escape, Lyra and 72 meet Gemma, and together, they work to uncover the secret purpose of Haven.

Gemma is a sickly girl whose lonely life has only ever included one friend. When she discovers her father has suspicious ties to Haven, she decides to run away with a boy from school and discover the truth behind the research facility.

Replica is a true testament to Oliver's talent; the author has crafted two separate stories that can be read apart or together and make sense either way. Somehow, she's also managed to avoid any spoilers: you can read each girl's story without learning the ending of the other.

If you have burning questions for Lauren Oliver (I know I do!), make sure to visit her on tour. Bustle is proud to exclusively reveal the dates and locations for her Replica Tour:

For a full-listing of events and an opportunity to win a Replica Prize Pack, visit Epic Reads.

Replica by Lauren Oliver, $12.87, Amazon

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