People Aren't Here For This Early '00s Comeback

by Augusta Statz

There’s been a major resurgence of ‘90s trends lately, and the fashion world has been loving it. As we got swept up in the nostalgia, items from the 2000s have been creeping their way back into the mainstream, too. Gypsy Sport recently showed a modern take on the ‘00s Chinese slipper shoe trend on the runway, according to Refinery 29, and people aren't exactly excited to see them making a comeback. Is this one type of footwear that should stay in the past?

While the slip-on trend is super comfortable (and the kind of thing often worn with socks to make a quick trip to the grocery store), the better and more trendy shoe option may just be a pair of sneakers. No one will blink twice when they see you in sneakers and leggings, but switch those kicks for Chinese slippers, and you may get some funny looks.

Apparently, the models at NYFW stomped the runway in socks and slip-ons, making a bold statement. While many of us are guilty of wearing the shoes back in the day, it seems like most of the Internet isn’t here for it in 2016. These tweets prove that folks are much more into pairing denim with denim and rocking chokers. The ‘90s can live on forever, but the 2000s, however, well many of those fashions are meant to be remembered. Just not ever worn again.

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

High socks and Chinese slippers make quite the pair.

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is this bringing back memories or what?

Brian Ach/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For better or worse, the models owned this style on the runway.

1. Depressing

This is the perfect use of an emoji. The thought of these shoes making a comeback is a real downer.

2. Not Again

This isn't the first time these shoes have tried to reappear.

3. Freak Out

You're going to freak out, all right.

4. Please, No

We're just not ready to see these again.

5. Nope

These slippers will only become trendy if you let them. And the Internet has spoken.

6. I'll Pass

Twitter is saying "no thanks" to these shoes.

7. Too Soon

Not yet! It's far too soon.

8. Remember These?

How could we forget?

9. No Way

Can't let it happen.

10. Seriously

Seriously though, you guys.

11. Never Again

Even if people did own some of these, it doesn't seem like they're planning on letting that happen again.

If the Internet has anything to do with it, we won't be seeing these slip-ons on the streets anytime soon.