Chelsea Peretti & Jordan Peele's Wedding Photos Don't Exist Because They Eloped

I'm a big Chelsea Peretti fan. I've seen her do stand up on a few occasions and enjoy her comedic timing and distinct voice on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I'm also a big Jordan Peele fan. Key & Peele is funny, inventive and a great example of a smart sketch show. When I found out these two were dating, my little comedy heart was oh so happy. Recently, the two tied the knot but there are no photos of Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele's wedding photos because they eloped. This low key way of getting married is uncommon among celebrities who usually opt for large celebrations — some even have televised weddings these days. But, this quick way of committing to each other only makes me appreciate the duo more.

According to an Instagram post, Peretti and Peele had an audience of one at their wedding, their adorable puppy. That is not to say the two have hid their relationship. They dated for two years before getting engaged, according to Us Weekly. While we might not have been blessed with wedding photos, there is a lot of evidence of their couple perfection. Here are some reasons why they are an awesome married duo.

Sense of Humor About Celeb Life

Peretti and Peele have walked many a red carpet together. Peretti posted this picture of her and her husband "relaxing at home." They both seem to understand the oddity that is a red carpet, not taking it all too seriously.

They Understand We Wanted Wedding Photos

Peele posted this ad on his Instagram. It features a wedding set up with him and Peretti. This teasing of fans' desire to see a ceremony is funny, if not slightly mean. The sense of humor the two have about even their lack of ceremony makes them perfect for one another.

They're So Darn Funny

When a fan asked Peretti to prom, Peele had the perfect response.

The World's Most Adorable Puppy Is Their Child

Whether being the witness at their wedding or snuggling in bed, their puppy is really cute. Many of Peretti's Instagram posts feature their pup. And who can blame her? So much adorableness.

Both Are Independently Successful

Peretti and Peele have both found success in the comedy world. Peretti does stand up and is an actress on the hit show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Peele starred in the hilarious sketch show Key & Peele and is now moving into film. Both these comedians can be proud of their accomplishments.

For all these reasons, Peretti and Peele make a kickass comedy couple. I wish them nothing but happy times, laughter and more pictures with their puppy.