This Is What The Full Moon Means For You

September’s full moon and the final eclipse of the year will occur simultaneously on Friday, Sept. 16. An eclipse is always a big deal in astrology and the fact that it is aligning with the harvest moon is pretty freaky. So what does the full moon of September 2016 mean for you? Though only certain regions in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and parts of South America will be able to see the shadow of the eclipse, you can rest assured that it is happening and it will be affecting your weekly horoscope. Luckily, we have your astrological breakdown right here, so you can finish out September strong!

The lunar eclipse in Pisces bookends a chapter of your life that was started March 8 with the new moon eclipse. Whatever soul searching or personal journey you have been on over the past six months, expect to get some last moments of truth and clarity around this time. As September winds down and chilly October blow in, expect some ends as well as new beginnings. Use this as a time for letting go and starting over, welcoming new relationships and strengthening long-time romantic connections. The eclipse is a time of change and transition, and this lunar event may speed up progress in all parts of your life. It is a good time to start a personal project or take on new responsibilities at work, so get those creative juices flowing! For a more detailed analysis, check out what the full moon means for your zodiac sign:


This lunar eclipse is all about releasing control, which can be a challenge for the determined Aries. As a fire sign you love to take on active, leadership roles, but with the lunar eclipse in Pisces and your twelfth house, ease your iron grip on those reigns. The end of the pisces eclipse cycle may signal that it is time for a change — whether that’s wrapping up a relationship or letting go of a difficult situation. The good news is that this will make room for new positive influences in your life.


The reliable, patient and devoted Taurus never has trouble making or keeping friends, so it’s fitting that this lunar eclipse is all about networking. The full moon in Pisces will light up your eleventh house of teamwork, making this a particularly good time to rub elbows and expand your social circle. Though the Girl Scout song says to “make new friends, and keep the old…” the eclipse may help reveal which of your friends don’t have your back. Use this charged time to bring positive people into your life and lose any frenemies that are holding you back.


You’ve been working hard these past six months, but come Friday, get ready for your efforts to finally pay off. The lunar eclipse in pisces is landing smack dab in your tenth house of success, and new opportunities for growth in your career may be on the way. Get ready to jump onboard, but keep both eyes open when you do. You are always happy to share any half-baked ideas and brainstorm with your coworkers, but be wary about being too open around the eclipse. A competitor may be lurking, ready to pass off your brilliance as their own.


It’s time for a vacay, and dear Cancer, I’m not talking about visiting family in rural Pennsylvania. The eclipse illuminates your ninth house of international adventures, so start planning a trip overseas and setting aside some dough to make it happen. With the onset of the eclipse you will feel pulled in different directions, and the urge to escape is strong. The sudden need for independence may have you considering going back to school, or making a change in your personal life. Try relaxing on a beach in Majorca first before doing anything too rash.


For the passionate lioness, Friday’s lunar eclipse is all about romantic relationships. The full moon lights up your eighth house, a mysterious house of secrets (or as some put it death, sex and taxes). Use this clarifying power to either breath new life into a romantic partnership or go your separate ways. The eclipse signals a time of release and forgiveness, so this lunar event will ease the transition whether you are starting over or breaking up. If you are happily situated with a partner, use this time to celebrate your romance, and I do mean… in bed.


The analytical Virgo may want to give their brain a rest and let their heart take over when the full moon eclipse rolls around. Your seventh house of relationships will be electrified, so this is a perfect time for finding a new flame or connecting with your loving bae. If you choose to go out and have some fun, new experiences are sure to put interesting people in your path. The full moon also signals a good time to begin planning the next step in your relationship — whether that is moving in or putting yourself back on the Tinder market once more.


The full moon will land in the Libra’s sixth house, so it’s imperative to use this time to recommit to health and wellness. If you feel pretty drained energy-wise, setting some goals and establishing new healthy routines will get you back in fighting form. Try eating more balanced meals (instead of that bowl of popcorn), or going to the hot yoga class you’ve put off for the last few months. The eclipse will help you feel more empowered to change, and as a Libra, you are going to want to invite friends along for the ride. The six house also presides over your career and service, so there may be a big project on the horizon. This time, instead of collaborating, try to be more independent and get all the accolades you so rightly deserve.


For the passionate and resourceful Scorpio the lunar eclipse will be a great time of creative productivity. Head into the art studio, take an improv class, or tackle that personal project you’ve kept in your back pocket; the eclipse will help to speed your progress. The full moon in pisces is in your fifth house — the house of pleasure. Your talents and romantic relationships are in peak form, and during this time you are very... fertile. To jumpstart your creative life, find inspiration by taking a trip to the theater or museum. You can invite your partner along, but make sure they don't distract you from your project, unless that project involves babies.


Nobel archer: have you been feeling overwhelmed by the demands of others? So busy taking care of your family, friends, and the S.O. that you have had little to no time to focus on your own personal needs? I hear ya. People love how giving and supportive you are, but unless you put the word “no” back in your vocab, they are going to keep taking. The full moon lights up your fourth house so pay attention to all things domestic — home, family, and personal living space. Evaluate where you stand with those closest to you and start setting boundaries to give yourself some much needed space. Then turn your attention to your apartment and think of fun ways to make the space more comfortable, and more you. When all is said and done, you can finally kick back and enjoy that glass of wine and a little peace (go ahead — put your feet up on the coffee table, you deserve it).


The Capricorn can come off as a bit of a know-it-all (I know, I know, you can’t help that you’re so smart!) which can at times lead to misunderstandings. Luckily, your third house of communication is ablaze with the lunar full moon eclipse in September, so now is the time to have those important conversations. Not only will you be able to better express yourself verbally, chatting up strangers and close friends alike, but it will also help you make deep, lasting connections. Be sure to do plenty of socializing during this chatty time, and who knows? You just might meet a few kindred spirits.


This month, those born under Aquarius should turn their attention and energy to all things financial. With the full moon in pisces in the second house of possessions and income, your bank account will finally be happy. An investment you made during the corresponding eclipse on March 8 could pay off around this time, as well as new profitable opportunities popping up (like an enticing job offer). Before September is over try looking into putting away some savings, asking for a raise, oh — and don’t forget to go through those unopened bills.


This September, take stock of your accomplishments and breath a sigh of relief. You have been focussing on personal growth since last March’s solar eclipse, and all the hard work is finally paid off. The full moon illuminating your first house, the house of self, signals new beginnings. Be sure to celebrate all the changes you’ve made before taking on new challenges.

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