30 Fun Gifts That Guys Actually Want

If you know me, you know I can struggle with coming up with ideas for gifts, especially when it comes to guys (just ask my dad and brother). I don't want to settle for the stereotypical stuff (aka: grill accessories, argyle socks, or another tie), and I want to find something that they’ll actually love. My answer? Looking for insanely fun gifts that guys actually want.

I’ve found (after many years of trial and error) that the best way to find a fun gift for a guy is to figure out what they spend their free time doing — the things they look forward to — and find the gift that'll make that experience even better (plus, that means it's a gift that they’ll use. No one likes to see their gift gathering dust on a shelf). Is he a foodie? Does he love to travel? Does he love his pet more than anything else in the world? Does he spend his weekends entertaining other people? Can he not start his day without a cup of coffee? Does he know everything there is to know about the glass of wine he just poured you? Whatever it may be, you can find a really fun gift for a guy that they will love and actually use.

For The Foodie:

Foodie Dice To Shake Up Their Cooking Routine

Foodie Dice No. 1 Seasonal Dinners, $24, Amazon

If your friend loves to cook and is always experimenting with different recipes, these food dice are perfect. Experiment as if you're on Chopped... Give the dice a roll, and see what you're having for dinner that night. You'll select five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain or carb, herb, plus a bonus ingredient) and a seasonal veggie, for more than 186,000 different meal combinations — so boring repetitive meals are officially out of the kitchen.

A Trivia Game To Show Everyone Just How Much They Know

Foodie Fight, $23, Amazon

This trivia game comes with more than 1,000 questions on all things food (celebrity chefs, culinary science, exotic cuisine, food history, etc.). Fill up your game board first, and you win.

A List Of 1,000 Foods They Should Eat Before DURING THEIR LIFE

1,000 Foods To Eat ... by Mimi Sheraton, $16, Amazon

Written by a food critic, cookbook author and critically acclaimed journalist, this book gives you the ultimate list of foods during your lifetime. From a frozen Milky Way to black truffles from Le Perigord to the perfect empanada, your stomach will be grumbling after reading the first page.

Funny Kitchen Towels To Make Their Dinner Guests Laugh

Custom Song Lyric Towels , $35, Amazon

Help your friend give their dinner guests a laugh. These customizable dish towels are funny and perfect for every foodie who loves to cook.

For The Entertainer:

Cards Against Humanity To Break The Ice At Their Next Party

Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion, $10, Amazon

How else are you going to help your guy break the ice at his next get-together than with a healthy game of Cards Against Humanity? There is no better way to get to know someone than by personally offending them.

A Couch Guestbook, So They Can Remember All Of Their Guests

Knock Knock Couch Guest Book, $15, Amazon

This guest book is perfect for the entertainer in your life to leave on the end table. Guests can doodle, answer silly questions, and leave something for their host to find when the party is over.

Bananagrams, So They Can Bring The Fun Wherever They Go

Bananagrams, $15, Amazon

A game that is easy to travel with is perfect for someone who always likes to have fun. The anagram game comes in a banana case that's super easy to transport. Spend hours spelling out silly words (you can even make it a great drinking game).

An Amazon Fire TV Stick, So They Can Bring Their Favorite Movies And TV Shows Wherever They May Go

Amazon Fire TV Stick , $40, Amazon

All you need is a WiFi connection and an HDMI port to start streaming your favorite shows and movies wherever you go. If your brother, boyfriend, or dad are movie buffs and love to entertain wherever they go, this is the gift for them.

For The Wine And Beer Connoisseur:

A Funny Bottle Opener That Serves As A Conversation Starter

SUCK UK Pirate Bottle Opener, $12, Amazon

A multifunctional gift is the best kind of gift — this bottle opener comes with a corkscrew and a foil cutter. So whether you're opening up some cold brews or uncorking a bottle of Pinot, you're sure to start a conversation with this peg-legged pirate.

A Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit, Because Why Not?

Final Touch Black Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit, $21, Amazon

For the mixologist in your life who loves experimenting with cocktails — they can make some delicious spiked watermelon juice at their next BBQ, and serve it up in style. The kit comes with complete instructions on how to get the perfect tap.

A Foldable Wine Bottle, So They Can Bring Their Favorite Blend Wherever They May Go

Wine2Go - The Foldable Wine Bottle, $11, Amazon

A gift that you can take tailgating, on a picnic, to the beach and more. No glass allowed? No problem. This foldable, reusable, 100 percent recyclable, leakproof bottle is easy to fill, easy to stow, and easy to go.

Funny Wine Stoppers To Keep Their Bottles Fresh

Genie Bottle Wine Stopper Set, $20, Amazon

Keep wine fresh with these silicone wine stoppers shaped like genies. They will create a tight seal to make sure you can enjoy wine way longer than the cork would allow.

For The Coffee Lover:

A Retro Coffee Cup That Makes Their Morning More Fun

"We Are Happy To Serve You" Greek Ceramic Mug, $13, Amazon

Someone who loves coffee so much shouldn't drink it out of a boring old coffee cup. This ceramic cup looks just like a to-go cup back from the '60s. Complete with seam and edge fold, everyone will really think it's made out of paper.

A Coffee Tasting Flight, So They Can Expand Their Horizons

Angels' Cup Coffee Tasting Kit, $22, Amazon

A coffee lover will deepen their appreciation for fresh coffee with a kit that allows them to blindly taste different types. You'll get them one box, and they'll want to sign up for the subscription service that pairs up with an app, so they can keep track of their notes about all of the delicious coffee they'll be tasting.

Finally, Someone They Can Relate To: Coffee Gives Me Superpowers

Coffee Gives Me Superpowers by Ryogo Iwata, $10, Amazon

This illustrated book is the perfect gift for anyone who always has a cup of coffee in their hand. Filled with interesting facts about coffee like "Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee," and "10 Coffee Myths," it will provide entertainment for hours.

For The Creative Person:

A Cardboard TV iPad Stand Because You Can Assemble It (And Then Pretend You're Watching An Old TV Set)

Cardboard Safari CBS1107 TV iPad Stand, $30, Amazon

Creative people often like to build things. So, why not give them a fun project that comes together (assembly required) to form something super cool that they can enjoy for a while?

An Instant Camera (And Some Film) To Create Fun Memories In A Retro Way

Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 , $140, Amazon

This camera is so cool. The brand new design is super lightweight, so it's easy to bring to parties and keep close while traveling. The picture quality has improved (I have this camera and it's amazing) and it even has a selfie mode with a built-in selfie mirror, so no one will ever be cut out of a photo again.

Fujifulm Instax Mini Film (3 Twin Pack - 60 Photos), $41, Amazon

Instant film can be a bit pricey, but this pack is a great deal. There is more than enough film to get some awesome candid and group shots at the next get together.

A GoPro 'Session,' So They Can Film Wherever They Go

GoPro Hero Session, $199, Amazon

The GoPro Session is the perfect gift for someone who loves to film videos wherever they go. It's super tiny, and you can just keep it in your pocket. It's so simple to use, simply press the button and you can start capturing instantly.

For The Traveler:

A Virtual Reality Headset, So They Can Turn Their Seat In Coach Into A Movie Theater

VR Headset For Smartphones, $50, Amazon

This lightweight virtual reality headset helps you forget you're sitting in coach eating plane food for 12 hours. Watch movies as if you're in them, and you'll be entertained for hours.

A Drone To Capture All Of Their Adventures

Quadcopter Drone With HD Camera For Experts & Beginners, $160, Amazon

If you're on Instagram, odds are you've seen some of the images and videos that a drone can capture. If you're searching for a gift for an adventure-loving guy, have him figure out how to fly a drone, and he can start producing some awesome memories from your trips together.

A Scratch Map, So He Can Keep Track Of All Of The Places He's Been

Scratch It! Map Of The World, $23, Amazon

A perfect addition to an office wall — he can scratch countries off this high quality map to show where he's been around the world.

A FitBit, So They Can Keep Track Of How Much Exploring They're Doing

FitBit Alta, $120, Amazon

Help your dad track his steps, distance, and calories burned on his next big adventure. He'll be surprised how many miles he walked on his trip.

For The Pet Lover:

A Pet Cube, So They Can Play With Their Pets Wherever They Are

Petcube Camera Pet Monitor, $149, Amazon

My brother has this monitor, and not only does he get the funniest videos of his dog Dakota from it, he can also talk to her and play with her when he's out. It has 2-way audio, so he can hear if she's barking, and he can tell her to calm down. Or if she looks bored, he can turn on the built-in laser toy and let her exercise and play.

An Ice Cream Truck Cat House, So His Cat Can Live In Style

OTO Ice Cream Truck For Cats , $39, Amazon

A cat should live in style. And the dude you're gift hunting for definitely loves his cat so much that he would give him/her the world. The next best thing? An ice cream truck house.

A Funny Mug That Says It How It Is, So You Don't Have To

Funny Mug, $8, Amazon

Does your friend love his dog so much and treat it like it's his child? Then this mug is perfect for him.

For The Music Lover:

A Turntable, So They Can Play All Their Records

Crowley Cruiser Portable Turntable, $72, Amazon

If you have a friend who loves their records more than anything else and thinks that listening to Spotify or iTunes is silly, you should give them a new turntable. And make it one that's portable, so they can bring all of their records to other people's houses, too.

Amazon Tap Bluetooth Speakers, So They Can Listen To Music Without Lifting A Finger

Amazon Tap, $90, Amazon

The bluetooth speakers stream all your music from a phone or tablet. You can also use Alexa (when connected to WiFi) to give you sports scores, the news, weather, or even order some food.

Noise Canceling Headphone, So They Can Listen To Whatever They Want Wherever They Are

Fetta Wireless Foldable Noise Cancelling Headphones, $21, Amazon

A pair of headphones that tunes out the rest of the world is a must, if you take you playlists seriously. This pair is foldable for on-the-go travel, and there's even a mic — everything you need at a budget friendly price.

A Pick Punch, So They Can Turn Anything Into A Guitar Pick

Pick-A-Paloozo DIY Pick Punch, $26, Amazon

This is a great gift for any guy in your life who loves to jam on the guitar. Now they can create a guitar pick from anything they want with this cool punch.

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